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Gift Books {A Tutorial}

This is my friend Andrea. Our husbands work together and are best friends.  Our kids are all the same age and call each other cousins. We have been through a lot of life together, and Andrea is very dear to … Continue reading

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Gift Books {An Overview}

Gift books are books that I make and give as gifts to celebrate or commemorate an occasion.  They are original, personal, creative, and meaningful.  I usually save this kind of gift for something really special or significant, and, no surprise, … Continue reading

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Tuxedo Cake {Instructions}

Yesterday’s post introduced the Tuxedo Cake and covered a few helpful things to know before you make it. Today we get our hands dirty!  Here’s is a tutorial on how to make Tuxedo Cake.  {Click here for a printable copy … Continue reading

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Tuxedo Cake {Introduction}

To kick things off in the recipe department, I am sharing with you a dessert show-stopper:  Tuxedo Cake.  My husband affectionately refers to this as the Ding-Dong Cake, in reference to the Hostess chocolate cream-filled confection he enjoyed as a … Continue reading

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Dresser Drawers {t-shirts}

What do your dresser drawers look like?  Mine don’t look so great.  The other day I walked into Rachel’s room, and she had left one of her dresser drawers open.  This is what I saw: I stopped and gasped.  It … Continue reading

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Lyrics I Love {how he loves us}

It makes me smile when a little-known but well-written song makes it into the hands of someone who can turn it into a hit.  A couple of years ago our church started singing the song “How He Loves Us” before … Continue reading

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Meet Rachel

Rachel. If you know our family, you know how sweet this name is to all of us.  However, some of you may not know our family well, and seeing as her influence is going to be all over this website, … Continue reading

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Lyrics I Love {different kinds of happy}

I am starting a regular post called “Lyrics I Love.”  These posts will simply be {as the title suggests} snippets of song lyrics that please me for one reason or another.  My inner singer/songwriter wants to share with you the … Continue reading

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