Lyrics I Love {different kinds of happy}

I am starting a regular post called “Lyrics I Love.”  These posts will simply be {as the title suggests} snippets of song lyrics that please me for one reason or another.  My inner singer/songwriter wants to share with you the beauty I hear in the words other people are singing.  I think this will be a weekly event, but we will see how that goes.  I’m still learning the ropes around here.

This week’s L.I.L. {too soon to abbreviate?} comes from the lovely Sara Groves.

I’ve always liked her work, but a few months ago I had the privilege of hearing her play and sing in a small room with around 50 other people.  The fact that I wept through the entire evening {no exaggeration} is another story for another time.  But, my favorite part  of the concert was getting to hear her talk about her songs.

Sara shared how the song “Different Kinds of Happy” tells about the day she and her husband were sitting in their counselor’s office and they realized their marriage was going to make it.  She talked about how a wedding day is wonderful, and it’s full of one kind of happiness, but it’s not a full view of the beauty that marriage can hold.  The day you realize you are actually going to keep those vows you made to each other, way back when you were young and didn’t know any better, that is another event entirely.  And with it comes a new and different kind of happy.

I sat there and drank in her honesty, inspired by her bravery to share the real story.  And, no surprise, the song is killer.  I want you to hear the whole thing.  But since this segment is called Lyrics I Love, not Songs I Love, here is my favorite lyric from the song “Different Kinds of Happy” by Sara Groves.


For a printable version of the above lyric, click here.

Have you experienced different kinds of happy in your life?  I’d love to hear from you…

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5 Responses to Lyrics I Love {different kinds of happy}

  1. Kayli says:

    i’m a little late to this party, but i’m loving catching up on your blog. i also love and appreciate sara’s honesty. when i ask mac to put on “our song” in the car, he knows to go straight to this song. these lyrics were a great encouragement to me and helped me realize that marriage (even young marriage) doesn’t have to look one way to be good, in terms of God’s kind of goodness.
    love you Katherine!

  2. Wendy says:

    Speaking of weddings, any chance you’ll print the lyrics to the song you wrote for ours? What an amazing gift you and your song were to us!

  3. Sarah Wolfe says:

    And we know the main reason Sara Groves is so cool is b/c she’s from Minnesota!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Love Sara Groves. And love the lyrics idea!

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