Meet Rachel

Rachel. If you know our family, you know how sweet this name is to all of us.  However, some of you may not know our family well, and seeing as her influence is going to be all over this website, I thought I would go ahead and dedicate a post to answering the question…  “Who is Rachel?”

Rachel lives with our family.  I met her during her senior year at TCU when she started attending a Young Life Bible study I was leading.  She needed a family, so we made her a part of ours.  She lived with us for a year, then went away to Frontier Ranch for a year-long internship with Young Life, and has been back home with us since September 2010.  We love her.  I especially enjoy getting to live with someone who is like my little sister and best friend all rolled up into one.  Rachel loves to cook, is super-creative, and is one of the most servant-hearted people I know.  We are blessed to call her our own.

As you can imagine, some people don’t know what to call her or how to explain her living with our family.  When she is out alone with our kids, people give her the you-must-have-been-a-teenage-mom look.  Other times she gets mistaken for our nanny {which she is not}.  Often people assume she is our tenant {wrong again}.  And the most ridiculous assumption happened last week when some new neighbors asked Timm if Rachel had special needs.  If you ask our kids, they will tell you Rachel is their big sister.  That’s my favorite answer.

You can look forward to many Rachel-inspired posts coming soon!


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22 Responses to Meet Rachel

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  11. I just have to make my first comment on your blog under this profile of Rachel because we completely understand why she is so dear to your family. Rachel rocks!! =)

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  15. Krista says:

    We totally understand these “looks” and “questions” but it makes it all the more fun and interesting, doesn’t it? Sweet words, sweet gal!

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  18. Nancy says:

    who the h-e-double-hockey-sticks thought rachel had special needs? hahaha i laughed out loud when i read that……..

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  21. Sarah Wolfe says:

    If Rachel ever gets tired of the Sassers, she can head on over to the Wolfes :) She sounds pretty fabulous! You both are blessed!

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