Dresser Drawers {t-shirts}

What do your dresser drawers look like?  Mine don’t look so great.  The other day I walked into Rachel’s room, and she had left one of her dresser drawers open.  This is what I saw:

I stopped and gasped.  It was beautiful.  Neat little rows of tightly folded t-shirts turned sideways so that you could see every shirt, not just the one on the top of the pile.  What a bright idea.

I asked Rachel where she came up with this method, and she said she learned it from a friend during her year-long internship at Frontier Ranch.  She was even kind enough to show me how she folds her shirts so that they all fit nicely into rows.  Want to learn how?

First, you fold the sides of the shirt back.

Then you fold it in half from the bottom.

Then in half again.

Flip it over.

And tuck it in your drawer.

Genius!  I can’t wait to try this out in all our drawers.

What do you think?  Let me know how your drawers look…


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6 Responses to Dresser Drawers {t-shirts}

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  3. Sarah says:

    This may actually change my life. Whoa. Going to redo the girls’ dressers this week!

  4. Andrea Johnson says:

    I love this idea!! My kids only where the t-shirt on top. Which means they where the same one every two days when I wash it and put it back. I’m trying it!
    Does Rachel have a pretty under things drawer as well, cuz mine’s a mess!
    I’d love an idea for that one!

  5. TJ Wilson says:

    your site looks fantastic, K – aptly named, just like you, my friend!

  6. Sarah says:

    Great idea. Love it. May use it when the boys one day have dressers. Way to go, Rachel!

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