Eye Therapy

Look down upon this winter wheat and be glad that You have made

Blue for the sky and the color green that fills these fields with praise

~from “The Color Green” by Rich Mullins

I have often heard this song and thought, “The color green is an unusual thing to be thankful for.”  But now I get it.  Today I rediscovered green and what it means to be grateful for a color.

The kids and I took a very last-minute, very unplanned field trip to the Dallas Arboretum today.  I was feeling  tired of the scenery at our house, weary of the daily details of our routine.  So I was instantly on board when my friend Andrea texted me at 11:00 last night, “Hey, I’m thinking about playing hookie from school and taking the kids to the Arboretum…want to join us?”

We live in Fort Worth, and we have visited the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, so I thought I knew what to expect.  What could be so great about seeing a bunch of plants?  Everything.

It was magnificent.  The weather was wonderful…overcast, breezy, seventy degrees.  And the scenery was awesome.

As we walked around, my eyes drank in the beauty, like they’d been parched for the sight of something so lovely.  I caught myself staring, not wanting to look away, pulled in by all the beauty.  Especially the beauty of the color green.

I felt restored by what my eyes were experiencing.  The grass alone would have been worth the drive and the price of admission.  I can’t believe I’m saying that about grass, but it’s true.

It was life-giving for my eyes to see the thick emerald carpet spread out before me in a gorgeous display of simple beauty.  The color green.  Everywhere.  A symphony of praise that ignited gratitude in my heart for a Creator that knew how much we needed this color.

The flowering plants were an awe-inspiring sight as well, heavy with colorful blossoms.

There were so many shades and texture, and who knows how many different varieties of plants and trees.  And yet it was all well-maintained and organized.  I think there is beauty to be found in all of nature…

…but there is a particular kind of beauty in the well-tended, thoughtfully planned, meticulously manicured kind of nature that I saw today.  The order ministered to me, bringing inner quiet and calm.  And yet, each plant was not hindered by the boundaries and pruning.  Instead, they were all flourishing and fully expressing their colors and beauty.

I drove home very thankful for our spur-of-the-moment trip.  We were only there for a couple of hours, but I felt like my heart had a two-hour therapy session.  I learned that my eyes are an entry point into a unique corner of my soul that needs a routine dose of therapy in the form of petals, leaves, stems, and stalks.


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  2. Sandra Sasser says:

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  3. Sarah Wolfe says:

    Looks like a lovely day! :)

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