World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I didn’t set out to make the World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies, but enough people have said they are the best, so I’m starting to believe them.  I’m {sort of} kidding.  Here’s the story of how I discovered the World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie.  {If you want the recipe without the story, scroll to the end, or just click here}

I like Martha Stewart.  Martha seems to know what she’s talking about most of the time.  So years ago when I decided to look for a chocolate chip cookie recipe, I decided to use hers.  It seemed basic enough.  No fancy ingredients.  No special techniques.  Just a standard cookie recipe from a high-quality source.

Meanwhile, I was also working part-time at a little lunch cafe.  At the end of each day, the owner would bake the cookies for the next day.  I noticed two things.  First, he made the cookies really really large.  Second, he took them out of the oven before they looked completely done and let them cool completely on the baking sheet.  Since he sold a lot of cookies, and since he seemed to know what he was doing, I copied him.

Something miraculous happened when I took Martha’s recipe and copied the cafe owner’s methods:  I discovered how to make the World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie!  Grown men swooned at the sight and melted at the taste.  Children gasped at the larger-than-life treats.  And no one could resist the tempting call of a stack of these cookies begging to be enjoyed.

There is nothing fancy or complicated about these cookies.  I can have the dough ready before the oven finishes preheating.  So as far as I can tell, the magic must be in getting a few key details just right.  Today I want to share the recipe and the magic details so that you too can make and enjoy the World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie.

First, you need to cream the butter and sugar {this recipe uses both granulated and brown sugar}.  Creaming is different than mixing.  Mixing is just blending two things together, and it takes a few seconds.  Creaming involves incorporating air into the mixture, and it takes two to three minutes.  Mixed butter and sugar looks like this…


Creamed butter and sugar looks like this…

Creamed butter and sugar is lighter and has more volume than just mixing.  Take note:  neither mixing nor creaming will work if the butter isn’t at room temperature.

Second, I can’t explain why, but I am convinced that the kind of baking sheet you use affects the final outcome of these cookies.  My baking sheets are called quarter-sheet pans, and they are available at Williams-Sonoma or any restaurant supply store.  All the other kinds you see {baking stones, air-sheets, cheap imitations} are going to change the final outcome of these cookies.  You need a solid sturdy metal sheet for the best results.

Make sure you line the pans with parchment paper for easy cookie release.


Third, when it comes to The World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie, bigger is better.  This is more than just a wow-factor detail.  While giant cookies are fun and impressive, there is something about the way the big ones bake that results in a better taste than if you make them normal sized.

The dough should be about the size of your fist or a small apple.  When I make these, I get 12 cookies out of one batch of dough if I don’t eat any of the batter.  Adjust the quantity according to your level of cookie dough self-control.

Fourth, take the cookies out of the oven when they seem brown on the edges but underdone in the middle.  In my oven, this takes 12 minutes at 375.  Here’s how they look while they cook:

Nine minutes.  Not ready yet.


Ten minutes.  Still not ready.


Eleven minutes.  Almost, but not quite ready.


Twelve minutes…DONE!  Time to take them out of the oven.  I know it’s hard to tell from these pictures, but you want only the very edges to be a nice toasty brown.

When they first come out of the oven they look like this:

See how they seem undercooked?  I know, it’s unnerving.  But wait a few minutes…

…and you will see them start to look more like a finished cookie as they cool.

And that brings me to the last helpful detail.  Let the cookies cool completely on the baking sheet before removing them.  They will continue to cook a tiny bit on the hot sheet, then firm up and settle into their delicious goodness.  Here is what a completely cooled cookie looks like…

It takes about 45 minutes or an hour before they are sturdy enough to come off the sheet and onto a platter.

Stack them high, serve them up, and watch them disappear

In the rare case that you have leftover cookies, store these cookies in a zip bag in the freezer.  They will not stay fresh at room temperature for more than one day.  Take them out of the freezer as desired and let them thaw on the counter for a few minutes or enjoy them ice-cold and crunchy {my personal favorite}.

Ready to give them a try?  Download the recipe below…and enjoy!

World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe



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13 Responses to World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

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  2. Anonymous says:

    try putting mini white chocolate and milk chocolate chips in it

  3. Anonymous says:

    the recipe won’t download

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  5. Palmer Douvier says:

    There’s just something special about homemade cookies, especially chocolate chip cookies, so far as I’m concerned. It’s a great family activity, something even children can help with, and everyone loves eating the results.-

    <All the best -*;:"

  6. rayshelle says:

    katherine!!!! i could kiss you/kill you for posting this recipe. just ate one out of the freezer. perfection! my new favorite cookie!

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  8. Christy Michaelis says:

    Oh my goodness!!! This is so fun! Josh is going to be so excited he has wanted me to get my hands
    on your cholate chip recipe for years!!!

  9. Krista says:

    Oh. My. Yummy. Can’t wait to try these!!! The picture of Jake is precious. So glad you share your secrets.

  10. Sarah Wolfe says:

    Do you deliver to friends? Yum! I know my kids would love how big these are!

  11. Sandra Sasser says:

    Oops, just read where you ONLY Willams-Sonoma cookie sheets…to each his own I guess. I WILL try the other things you suggest and see how they turn out here…thanx.

  12. Tamara Martin says:

    This is torture – I can see them and can’t eat them! So… let’s plan a trip for you all to come visit – I’ll supply the house & you bake the cookies :)

  13. Sandra Sasser says:

    Well, I have that same ‘claim to fame’ here in Mexico. The funny thing is that I’ve had to ‘learn’ over the past 14 1/2 years how to adjust my baking to the altitude and when I go to the states, my cookies just aren’t the same. Another trick you might want to incorporate is that I use a pampered chef stone and they NEVER burn, even around edges. I LOVE mine. I’ll try your recipe the next time I do them, and of course adjust to the altitude.

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