Perfect Ten {An Overview}

There is no doubt about it, painted fingernails are my very favorite fashion accessory.  They give a finished look to everything from a cocktail dress to jeans and a t-shirt.  Everything looks better with painted fingernails.

Already I can hear the groans and complaints from some of you:

“Forget it.  A weekly manicure is not in my budget.”

“Why bother?  They just end up chipping the next day.”

“I’ve tried picking out the right color, but it always looks wrong.”

“Who has the time to sit and do their nails?”

Today I hope to silence your fingernail fears and convince you that painting your nails at home can be well worth the effort.  Plus, the results can last for a week…maybe more.  Too good to be true?  The proof is in the pictures.

These are my nails minutes after I painted them.  {I took these pictures with my phone because I couldn’t figure out how to manage my big camera using only one hand, so I apologize for the lower-quality image.}  Don’t they look nice?

These are my nails four days later.  In the spirit of full disclosure, look closely at my middle finger.  See that chipped part?  That happened less than twelve hours after I painted them.  That nail was already flaking when I started, and I forgot to file it before I painted it.  So, of course, it chipped.  No amount of nail polish can prevent a nail from flaking if it’s already flaking.  But this is my fault, not the fault of the nail polish.  Also, before you ask, I’m not wearing my wedding ring in this picture because I forgot to put it back on after applying sunless tanner {sorry, Honey}.

These are my nails seven days later.  SEVEN DAYS.  If you’ve ever worn red polish, you know you can’t hide it when it starts to fall off.  Look closely and tell me this doesn’t blow your mind!

Normally, I would have kept this polish on for probably another three days or so.  But, as I mentioned in Thursday’s post, we have a very exciting family event this weekend {look for details soon}, and I want to wear a different shade of polish for the occasion.

You might be thinking to yourself, “I’m not buying any of this.  She probably doesn’t use her hands very much.”  Wrong wrong wrong.  My life is very hands-on.  I am not afforded the opportunity to sit around protecting my manicure.  Over the course of the past seven days, my nails went through a lot of real life, including things like…washing dishes, preparing meals, changing diapers, folding laundry, washing dishes, showering, bathing, crafting, opening containers, washing dishes, removing price tags from birthday gifts, cooking, and {no lie} playing guitar for one practice and two services at church.  Impressive polish power, no?

Have I convinced you it can be done?  Are you eager to know my secrets?  Tune in next week for Perfect Ten {How To} and Perfect Ten {Top Five Colors}.

Happy Weekend!

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5 Responses to Perfect Ten {An Overview}

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  4. Sarah says:

    are you seriously going to make me wait all weekend???

  5. Heather Hogan says:

    You’ve convinced me. Can they survive baseball? If so, include me in the painted nail club!

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