Easter Peeps

Happy Easter Week!  In anticipation of a holiday weekend, I want to share a few pictures and ideas for you to use on your table and in your home.

A couple of weekends ago we hosted an after-church tea party for the little girls in Annie’s Sunday School class.  I had fun dressing up our table.

Yes, we used real china and silver…totally worth it.  No, I didn’t iron any of the linens.

This table runner is actually a tablecloth I found at Target.  I folded into thirds and poof! instant runner.

This was my favorite part…little yellow peeps in baskets with paper grass.  Aren’t they sweet?!  And never underestimate the power of seasonal m&m’s in tiny bowls.  Pretty and delicious.

There were also a few little sisters who came along to the party, so I set up a toddler table.  The plastic easter plates are from Target several years ago.  Any guesses on how long the edible centerpiece lasted?

If you haven’t already, there’s still time to dye Easter eggs and make your house or table look festive!  A few of you have asked exactly what I meant when I said I use my Easter eggs as decor around the house.  So glad you asked…

The simplest way is to group them in small basket.

This egg holder works well as a centerpiece or on your kitchen counter.  I found it last year at Target.

It also looks elegant to pile a lot of eggs in a crystal bowl.

In a few years I hope to actually be able to put these decoration on, say, my coffee table where they can be seen and enjoyed.  But for now, the reality of living with a toddler dictates that any container holding real eggs is placed on the one out-of-reach countertop in our entire house.  It looks crowded and everything is in one place and it kind of drives me a little nuts, but it won’t be like this forever.  So, yes, these photos were totally staged.  Just keeping it real.

Have a lovely Easter…

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5 Responses to Easter Peeps

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  2. Andrea Johnson says:

    The eggs are beautiful! Similar impact as flowers, but a fraction of the cost! This actually makes me want to get started decorating.

    I also love the fresh Tiffany blue color for the table runner. Actually, this makes me want to run to Target! Cute plates too! I love seasonal plates and cups! PB Kids has such cute ones too!

  3. Brittany says:

    So cute! Great idea using the table cloth as a runner. You’re so creative!

  4. Sarah Wolfe says:

    Fun idea with the table runners. I have zero table cloths. I need to start a collection. Any suggestions? Basic white? I don’t have china so I don’t need fancy… my plates are white.

    • katherine says:

      What good questions you ask, Sarah! You win the award for most interactive reader. Thanks for inspiring a new post…all about table linens. Look for it soon…

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