Rachel’s Baptism

It happened again.  I saw it.  A glimpse of the eternal, manifesting itself in our broken world, if only for a few sacred hours.  Two Sundays ago we celebrated Rachel’s baptism.

Her story is unique, but it’s the story of all of us…broken, fatherless, in need of adoption and redemption.  And for Rachel {who literally lost her father when she was 11}, the story of Christ’s love is a sweet reminder of how He fills in the wounded places and creates beauty from ashes.  Here is Rachel telling her story…

I made the mistake of holding the video camera during the event.  I was fine until the wave of emotion swept over me as I heard her tell her story, and I literally could not hold my hand steady.  The footage will be a reminder of how my physical body could not contain the joy and humble gratitude I felt.  The tears flowed as I saw her bravely share how God’s love had been made real to her through the love of others.  And how she chose to serve Jesus with all her heart.

I watched her take Timm’s hand as he led her into the water.  She was a daughter again, a little girl’s loss acknowledged and redeemed.

I watched her go under, holding tightly to his arms, trusting he would not let go.

And then I watched as he pulled her up out of the water.  It was a picture of how the Savior brought her life out of the grave, out of death…

…and she emerged a new creation, reborn and full of hope.

As if the baptism itself wasn’t already full of enough joy, twenty-one people came to witness the event and celebrate with Rachel.

They came to sing and clap…

to laugh and hug,

to eat and drink,

to gather around her and be family.

This kind of love renews my own gratitude for a Father who found and rescued me.  Is there anything more beautiful?


As I mentioned earlier, we celebrated!  Surely by now you know what that means…lots of party details for you to enjoy!  Look for these posts coming soon:

{Rachel’s Baptism Celebration:  The Paper}

{Rachel’s Baptism Celebration:  The Decorations}

{Rachel’s Baptism Celebration:  The Menu}


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11 Responses to Rachel’s Baptism

  1. Teri Thatcher says:

    beautiful picture of the body of Christ. i was blessed.

  2. Simply wonderful! =)

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  5. rachelle says:

    i think we have the same black leather chair. and you’re right the stachs is super creepy. tell him not to wear it with the clerical collar.

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  8. Sandra Sasser says:

    Beautiful…thanks for sharing. Now, Easter pics of my grandkids, please. :)

  9. Paige says:

    Loved seeing these pictures… thank you for sharing. Beautiful moment. I teared up seeing Timm with her. Miss all of you!

  10. janina walker says:


  11. matthew says:

    Awesome God. Thank you.

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