Rachel’s Baptism Celebration {The Decorations}

I love details.  They make me smile.  I especially like details when I have the time to execute them in such a way as to not add stress to my life.  This means thinking ahead and not waiting until the last minute.

For Rachel’s Baptism Celebration I was very forward-thinking and actually stuck to my detail deadline, thus making the process as delightful as the event itself.  Here are some pictures of the decorations from her party…

The scene.

The food table…without all of the food out yet.

Napkins rolled and tied with yellow rick rack.  Forks in an embellished mason jar.

A bowl of fresh lemons surrounded by sweet little peeps.

Food flags.

The food flags were anchored in bud vases filled with Lemon Heads.

Doily garland {Click here for the how-to}.  We hung these in several places around the house.

The beverage station.

The yellow and white striped paper straws were my favorite part.

Party favors.  We hand-stamped “Thank You” onto cardstock and attached it to the vases with twine.

Our immediate family wore yellow fabric flowers {girls} and fabric badges {boys}.

Even though we called it a badge I think Jake still thought it was a flower, and this might have something to do with why he looks so excited.  And don’t you like the map of the solar system in the background?  That wasn’t part of the theme.


Doilies and Straws came from Fort and Field.

Twine came from Whisker Graphics.

Rick Rack came from Joann, but can also be found at Fabric dot com.

Beverage Dispensers came from Target.

Food Flags, Doily Garlands, and Fabric Flowers/Badges were hand-crafted.  Look for the tutorials in the near future.

Are you ready to talk food?  Party menu and recipes coming your way tomorrow…mmmmmm.


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6 Responses to Rachel’s Baptism Celebration {The Decorations}

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  3. Flora says:

    The decorations are elegant—just perfect for the occasion and not too frou-frou.

  4. Sarah Wolfe says:

    Where do you get those straws? Saw those at Jenna’s too.

  5. rachelle says:

    I am having sooooo much fun blog stalking you.

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