Lyrics I Love {Hallelujah}

This installment of Lyrics I Love comes from the song “Hallelujah” by Bethany Dillon.  Her song keeps playing on my ipod even though I have it set to shuffle.  It turns out the odd reoccurance has been a blessing as it has forced me actually digest and understand all the song’s lyrics, not just the ones in the chorus.  That’s what happens when you hear a song eight times in 45 minutes {slight overstatement, but still}.

I liked “Hallelujah” the first time I heard it.  The music is the kind that causes you to sway absentmindedly.  And the chorus is easy and repetitive…“Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Whatever’s in front of me, I choose to sing Hallelujah.”  It seems nice enough, right?

Upon actually listening and comprehending the words of the verses, I have come to  realize they pack quite an unexpected punch.  Especially the words of the third and fourth verses.  They cut right to the chase and bring into question God’s purposes in the apparent injustices in this world.  Then before you know it, the simple chorus {see above} focuses the listener back to a place where we are told to trust God anyway and declare, “Hallelujah.”  How is that possible?

According to Bethany Dillon, even when we don’t understand what we see around us, our heart and our soul can find rest and reassurance in choosing to sing, “Hallelujah.”  Why?  Because it is an empty mantra that makes me feel better?  Hardly.  Because if I say something enough it will change my circumstances?  Gimme a break.  No.  I am able to cry out, “Hallelujah!” from the depths of my heart in the midst of crisis and confusion because it is there inside my heart…in that place that once held only death and decay…that I now see life and beauty.  It is inside my heart…once dark and bound by fear…that I now find freedom and wonder.  It is this miracle of the Savior’s work inside my heart that provides a place where I can look and find the strength to say, “Hallelujah!” even in the midst of pain.

I hope these words bring you comfort…

Click {here} to download a printable copy of these lyrics.

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  1. janina walker says:

    The way you described this experience is very helpful and meaningful! I loved every word and plan to begin using this right away! Thanks.

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