Doily Garland {How To}

Happy Tuesday!  Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.  I sure did.  My sweet husband really went above and beyond {as he is prone to do}, and I felt very loved and well-celebrated.

As promised, here is the tutorial for how to make the doily garland from Rachel’s Baptism Celebration.  It looks like this…

You’re going to love this craft…once you have your supplies this takes no time at all to make.  Let’s get started!

You will need the following supplies…{sources are at the end of the post}:

: : : doilies, twine, glue dots : : :


STEP ONE:  Fold the doilies in half

STEP TWO:  Open the doily and lay the twine across the fold.

STEP THREE:  Apply glue dots to the inside of the doily and press to adhere.  Continue this process until the garland is your desired length.  See?  Easy, easy, lemon squeezy!  {Can you name the movie that quote is from?}

This garland works well with all different sizes of doilies.  We made about eight different ones and hung them everywhere…in doorways, above the kitchen sink, over the bathroom mirror, across the front of the food table.

To store the garlands after the party is over, simply stack the folded doilies on top of each other {leaving the twine in place} and place them in a gallon-sized zip-lock bag.  You’re ready to decorate for the next party in a flash!


Doilies came from Fort & Field

Twine came from Whisker Graphics

Glue Dots came from Michael’s.

Coming tomorrow…Food Flag tutorial.


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3 Responses to Doily Garland {How To}

  1. rachelle says:

    yay! been blog stalking you waiting for a new one. this is so fun.

  2. Sandra Sasser says:

    Cute…I’ve never even heard of ‘glue dots.’ Good job!

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