Food Flags {How To}

Food labels are something I use quite frequently for parties.  It’s the kind of detail that anticipates people’s desire to know exactly what they are about to put on their plate while also saving the host from having to recite the menu thirty times.  Sometimes the labels are as simple as a folded index card with the name of the dish written on the card.  But sometimes they are more elaborate…like these Food Flags from Rachel‘s Baptism Celebration!

Aren’t they fun?  Today I want to show you how to make your own…


You will need colorful paper or card stock, wooden skewers {the kind used for grilling kebabs}, paper straws {available here}, and glue dots.

First, print {or handwrite} the list of the dishes you will be serving.  Make sure you leave plenty of space between each item and plenty of space to the left of each item.  Cut each item into a long narrow strip.

Turn the strip over and place the wooden skewer in position.

Adhere the skewer to the paper with a glue dot, pressing and creasing the paper around the skewer.

Trim the edges of the strip to look like a flag.

Insert the wooden skewer into a paper straw.

I anchored each Food Flag in a bud vase filled with yellow candy.  Sometimes it works to stick the skewer directly into the food {like in a cake, for example}.  You could also use small glasses or jelly jars instead of bud vases.  And you could use rice, beans, dried peas, lentils, clear marbles, sand, pasta, or other kinds of candy as filler.  So many options!

Come back tomorrow for a very special post about a very special someone who is going on a very special trip!!

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  1. Sandra says:

    Love this flag post! So simple, yet such an adorable effect. =)

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