Thank you all for your sweet comments after yesterday’s post.  I appreciate your prayers and support during Operation Sudan.   And I will pass along the results of our informal facial hair poll to the Husband…Full Gotee with Scruff won by a landslide.  It’s one of my favorites too.

Today I’m sharing pictures of my kids from Easter.  No tutorials.  No recipes.  No lyrics.  Just my sweet babies all dressed up….thanks for letting me be a bit self-indulgent.  These pictures were taken on Easter Sunday at the home of Janina and Scott Walker, who we lovingly refer to as Zsa Zsa and Boom Pa.

Annie and Jake. {It takes a real man to wear a pink shirt, right?}


Lillian.  She’s so sweet…I could eat her UP!


Norah preferred playing inside with Zsa Zsa’s tiaras.


Timm and Zsa Zsa.


Listening to Zsa Zsa tell a story.


Going on a nature walk. {Isn’t their back yard gorgeous?  It’s therapeutic.}


Our Easter family…minus Rachel.  She was serving in the church nursery, and I forgot to take another photo when she arrived for lunch.  I’m sorry, Rachel.  If I knew how to use Photo Shop, I’d crop your sweet face in next to Annie-girl’s.

Have a lovely weekend.  Ours is going to be full of Grammy, painters, fabric, baseball, and ballet recitals.  Looks like we will have plenty to talk about next week…see you on Monday!

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2 Responses to Easter

  1. What a great Easter family picture! Be sure to post an update should you photo-shop Rachel in =)

  2. Heather Hogan says:

    I LOVE that Norah girl!

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