Project Redo

While Timm is away, I am tackling a long list of projects that have been brewing for years.  I am calling this week Project Redo.  What better way to distract myself from the absence of my beloved then with a slew of home improvements, right?

Rachel and I are kicking off Project Redo by recovering all ten of our dining room chairs.  They used to look like this…

Then I had them painted, and now they look like this…

I love the color {Cobblestone by Martha Stewart at Home Depot}.

Of course we will be adding new fabric to the dining room chairs, but that’s just the beginning.  We are also making new pillows, painting our TV cabinet, and recovering several chairs.  Today we did some very sketchy slipcovering and upholstery work.

You don’t have to look very close to see the imperfections, but I’ve decided to make friends with the results and enjoy a change in decor.  Plus I am counting on some smartly-placed throw pillows to hide some of the more obvious flaws.

Here are some action shots of our work in process.  These were taken with my phone, while balancing on a folding chair, so they are not great quality.  But you can see how much we have going on around here.

So much hard work in progress.

Note the dueling sewing machines.  I told you we were serious.

So, here’s the deal.  I haven’t figured out how to be knee-deep in Project Redo and produce interesting blog posts on other topics.  So for the remainder of this week I thought I’d just bring you all along for the ride and let you see the behind-the-scenes action around here.  Hopefully I will have some lovely photos of the finished products by the end of the week.  And then we will return to fun things like recipes, lyrics, and parties.

But, before I go, I have to share one picture from our ballet weekend {full post coming soon}.  I leave you with…

…Norah the mouse.


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5 Responses to Project Redo

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  2. LOVE home projects like this! I’m impressed how much y’all got done in such a short period. It looks great!

  3. Wendy says:

    I need more of that mouse! Having two boys, the one thing I’m missing is ballet recitals! I suppose it’s for the best. I would probably be a wicked stage mother. ;-)

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  5. Sarah wolfe says:

    Saw the table when I picked up Jake the other day. It looked amazing. Kind of jealous of your project week. Looks like fun :)

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