This morning I don’t have any updates on Project Redo.  Good things are happening around here, but I have no visuals yet to share with you.  What I do have are some really fun before and after pictures from our trip to the hair salon yesterday!

Annie always grows her hair out in the spring so she can wear it in a bun for her ballet recital.  Then we get a post-recital haircut to usher in a summer state of mind.  It has become an annual event.  This year Norah was a part of the ritual because this was her first year in ballet.  But…what made yesterday’s event even more memorable was the fact that my youngest daughter, Lillian, got to join the fun!  Yesterday was Lillian’s First Haircut…which means it was my last first haircut {sniff sniff}.  I didn’t wait near this long for the other kids’ first haircuts, and it really is sad how grown up it makes her look, but it was time.  Not even her sweet face could make the Baby Mullet look good.  So here they are…

Annie before.  {This is from Easter.  I forgot to snap one at the salon.}

Annie after!!

Norah before.  Go frogs.

Norah after!!

Baby Lillian before, looking a little uncertain of the whole scene.

Lillian sitting in the big chair with her lollipop showing Miss Christy where to cut.

Big Girl Lillian after!!! As sad as it was to kiss her baby hair goodbye, this super-cute cut makes it all better and brings a smile to my face.

And there you have it.  All three girls, successfully bobbed and ready for summer fun!  Won’t Daddy be surprised?

And speaking of Daddy…

We are five days away from Timm’s return home from Sudan.  I have heard from him twice, and he is doing well.  However, things here at home have been a little bit shaky.  The kids are all ready for Timm to be back and are responding to his absence in very emotional ways.  They are all weepy and unusually clingy and needy in situations where they otherwise wouldn’t be.  Would you pray that the next five days would pass quickly for them and that their little hearts would be comforted?  And would you pray for me to have the patience and wisdom to give them each what they need in the mean time?

Check back soon…Project Redo photos are on their way!

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6 Responses to Haircuts

  1. Fabulous capture of ready-for-summer haircuts! I really like the shot of Lillian on a lap. She is clearly contemplating the entire notion. They all look adorable!

  2. Krista says:

    Adorable children. I love the befores and afters! And I totally get that about how they get when Daddy is gone. Interesting to me. Glad he is HOME!

  3. janina walker says:

    love it all!! Just like the poodles getting their ‘ groomin” ! They all look positively adorable. We are enjoying our one on one with Big Girl Annie! What a huge difference the cut makes…frames her sweetheart shaped face! Praying for yal…Zsa Zsa

  4. Wendy says:

    your girls are precious…before and after! And I am praying for you, sister! 10 days without Andrew, and I think we would ALL be weepy around here.

  5. Sarah Wolfe says:

    Adorable. A fun tradition :)

  6. rachelle says:

    What a nice surprise for Daddy! I have never cut my girls’ hair. I have mentioned it, and their daddy vetoed it right away. There will be no growing up at our house.

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