Perfect Bows {How To}

When I was a little girl, my sisters and I wore ribbons in our hair everyday.  Not the pre-made jumbo bows you see today, but groisgrain ribbon, cut from a spool, tied by my mother around our hair bands.  And they always looked lovely.  Two loops at the top, two tails hanging down, symmetrical, proportionate, darling.  I didn’t realize the talent involved until I tried it myself, only to discover my results were a bit off some of the time.

Lately I seem to be tying a lot of bows, and with three daughters, it’s a skill I need to know well.

Even though I tie lots of things in my daily life…shoe laces, apron strings, PJ pants…there is a time when a picture-perfect bow is an absolute must.  But I have discovered quantity does not equal quality in the world of  bows.  Sometimes my important bows would turn out looking like this…

Crooked, uneven, facing the side, ribbons askew.  No amount of twisting or turning seems to help.

Bows only have a few steps involved, so I worked on it a bit and figured out there is a secret {or rather a particular order} for getting perfect results every time, and once you know it, your bows will always be perfect.   I am pleased to share with you today the results from my extensive bow research in my bow lab.  These results are scientifically guaranteed.

{A note before we begin:  The following steps work just as well from the opposite side.  I am right handed, so this is what feels right to me.  If you are left-handed, just switch the rights and lefts.}

First, you are going to tie a knot.  Start by making sure your ribbons are straight and relatively even.  Then cross the right ribbon over the left ribbon.

Tuck the right ribbon under the left ribbon, and pull it through.  The ribbon that started in your right hand is now in your left hand.  Secure the knot as tightly as you wish.  Notice how there is one ribbon coming out the bottom of the knot and one ribbon coming out the top of the knot.

{Here comes the super-important part.}  Make the first loop of your bow using whichever ribbon is on the bottom of the knot.  In this case, it is the ribbon on the right.

Use the ribbon from the top of the knot to wrap around the loop and pull through.

Ta-dah!!  Magically perfect bows every time.  Guaranteed.


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5 Responses to Perfect Bows {How To}

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  2. Rachelle says:

    Love the bows! My girls won’t let me put anything in their hair (you may have noticed). As for nails, I think you might like OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques.

  3. Wendy says:

    lovely bows…even though I’m off the hook on tying those. ;-) What color are your nails? very cute! I clicked through your nail polish post, and those look more grey/khaki than san antonio tan.

    • katherine says:

      Ha! I almost put my nail color in tiny print at the end of the post…guess I should have. It is called Chinchilly by Essie. It’s one of my new favorites!

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