Lyrics I Love {For Wendy}

Ah, the benefits of a small-time blog.  You ask.  I deliver.  Lest you think your comments fall on deaf ears, may I introduce Wendy.

Wendy is a great friend.  She commented on my very first Lyrics I Love post asking for a favor from me.  Well, Wendy, this one’s for you.

Wendy and I met in 1998.  Our then-boyfriends, now husbands {both runners…mine on the left, hers on the right} were friends in college, and naturally had to approve of the others’ choice in long-term female companionship.  Our friendships and families have grown over the past thirteen years, and we have long-term standing plans with them every year for New Year’s Eve.

Wendy and Andrew made the jump into wedded bliss slightly before Timm and I did, but we both tied the knot in 2000.  Now, think hard…what’s the smallest wedding you have ever attended?  100 people?  50 people?  Try  seventeen people.  Seventeen!! Wendy and Andrew were married in living room of Andrew’s father’s house.  Besides immediate family, there were four other people in attendance:  the maid of honor, Timm {who officiated the ceremony}, the photographer…and me.  It was unspeakably amazing.  As if it wasn’t honor enough to attend such an intimate event, Wendy and Andrew asked me to sing.  Talk about a cozy setting.  I could make eye contact with every person in the listening audience.

So, what did I sing?  I’m glad you asked.  The answer requires a short explanation.

At this point in our relationship, Timm and I were not engaged, but definitely not interested in dating anyone else…ever.  It was a tricky stage, and for me I found it to be a frustrating place for my heart.  I wanted to marry Timm, and I wanted to be able to express that to him, but it wasn’t quite time yet.  So I channelled all of my hoping and expectant emotions into a song.  Then I sang the song at Wendy and Andrew’s wedding.  I basically wrote what I wanted to say to Timm, but disguised it as a song for our friends on their wedding day.

I know it was a bit self-serving, but the way I saw it, everyone benefited.  Our friends Wendy and Andrew got to have a heart-felt original love song played and sung at their super-small wedding, I was able to get all my feelings out, and Timm got to hear my words and maybe think to himself, “Hmmm.  We should get married soon.”  It was win-win-win.

The song is called “My Heart Is Not My Own.”  Wendy asked for the lyrics in a printable form, and so I’ve included them below.  And before you ask, no, I have not recorded this song.  But I hope to one day.  {If you are interested in funding this kind of venture and making all my dreams come true, please contact me immediately.}

There you go, Wendy dear.

Click the above graphic for a printable copy of the lyrics.

Do you have a special request?  Leave a comment and let me know.  I just might make it happen!


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3 Responses to Lyrics I Love {For Wendy}

  1. Alyssa says:

    An original wedding song written and sung by you – what an amazing wedding gift you gave them!

  2. The story and lyrics are equally beautiful!

  3. Rachelle says:

    Beautiful just beautiful. To be able to express yourself in that way is truly a God given gift.

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