A Few Announcements

It’s Summer!  Officially.

School is over {for us}, the popsicles are in the freezer, and I have three fun things to announce.

First, this happened yesterday…

Jake lost his first tooth {in the car…hence the terrible photo}.  Per his usual Jake-ness, he didn’t even realize it had fallen out until he went to wiggle it, discovered it wasn’t there, and then happened to locate it stuck to the front of his shirt.  At least we know he didn’t swallow it.  This morning it appeared the Tooth Fairy had forgotten to do her job, but when Daddy went to double-check he discovered the Tooth Fairy had been very confused by Jake’s bunk beds, and had actually left his money under the pillow of the top bunk.  Silly Tooth Fairy.  I bet from now on she will set all kinds of reminders and alarms to keep that kind of thing from happening again.

Second, Lillian has started telling knock-knock jokes.

That’s right, folks, our twenty-two-month-old is entertaining us with a comedy routine.  In an effort to like the three big kids, she has come up with this…

HER:  Nah-Nah.

US:  Who’s there?

HER:  Shoooo.

US:  Shoe who?

HER:  Awww, ess ahh shoooo!!

Get it?  Get it?  Me neither, but it’s pretty dang cute.  It’s even funnier when she’s yelling it from her bed at 8:30 at night, trying to get her sister to participate with her for the hundredth time.  Funny for me, not for Norah.

And thirdly, an announcement that has nothing to do with our immediate family.  Are you ready?  This is big…

I have declared it to be the Summer of Pies.

Strike up the band!  Cue the balloon release!  Jump and squeal with delight!  Oh wait…would you like to know what Summer of Pies means?  {Details notwithstanding, doesn’t it just sound delicious?}  Summer of Pies mean that for the next twelve weeks I am going to be baking a different pie every week and sharing the process with you every Friday!  Since I love naming things, and this event is no different, I am calling it Friday Pie-Day.  Every Friday I will be posting a new pie recipe and how-to!

Here are a few things to know in advance about Friday Pie-Day.

First, I decided not to include pies like pecan or pumpkin for now.  It is the Summer of Pies, so let’s save those holiday selections for later this fall.

Second, I am not going to spend a lot of time focusing on the ins and outs of homemade pie crust, mostly because I feel like I am still figuring out the art of pie crust myself, and because I want this to be fun for everyone.  If you want to make your own pie crust, I will share the recipe that I have been using lately.  But if you don’t, more power to you.  Store bought pie crust is a suitable substitution for the real thing as long as you buy a brand name and stay away from generic store brands.  There is a big difference.

Third, all twelve selections will be homemade, from-scratch, real-deal pies.  No jello-mixes or pre-made fruit fillings.  Real fruit.  Real chocolate.  Real butter and cream.  And they will require some degree of cooking…some more than others…but the results are well worth any effort they may require.

Finally, seven of the twelve pies are recipes that I have made over and over with fabulous results.  Five of them are brand new to me, so we will discover together if they are “keepers” or not.  Fair?

Are you excited?  I am.  Check back Friday for the Pie-Day Kick Off!!

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4 Responses to A Few Announcements

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  2. janina walker says:

    can hardly wait…hope you have my favorite all time pie recipe..Brett Austin’s Grandmom! I CANNOT BELIEVE MY SASSER CHILDREN ARE SO GROWN UP! MORE ADORABLE ALL THE WHILE…love, Zsa Zsa

  3. Wendy says:

    The summer of pies will go to my thighs ;-) (did you see what I did there? Lillian and I would crack each other up!)
    Can’t wait to start baking with you…I might even attempt a real crust. But my pillbsury all ready has always served me well. Not sure I want to waste good butter on an epic fail.

  4. Ashlee Mason says:

    Fist pumps and leg kicks for Friday Pie Day! Seriously, you have such a fun family and you’re such a fun mommy!

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