Tiny Dancers

A few weeks ago I gave you a peek at this year’s ballet recital with the promise of more to come.  Today is the day I will make good on that promise.

Annie and Norah take ballet at Margo Dean here in Fort Worth. This place is for real.  They teach classical ballet, there is a very strict dress code, and the recitals aren’t the dog-and-pony type where fifty different classes do fifty different dances.  Instead, the entire ballet school participates in an actual ballet production.  Two years ago they did Peter Pan, last year they performed Alice and Wonderland, and this year they presented Cinderella.  All of the teachers and older students dance the principal roles, and the younger classes perform as minor characters.

Besides the beautiful costumes and the impressive level of adult talent, the hit of the show is always the three-year-old class.  They steal the show with their adorable little bodies and utter lack of self-awareness on stage.  This year Norah was a part of the show for the first time…as one of Cinderella’s little mice.  Remember this gem of a photo?

That about sums it up, doesn’t it?  And for those of you who have ever spent any time around Norah, was there ever a costume more well-suited for a child’s personality than this one?  {The only thing that comes to mind is the year Jake was a chicken for halloween…but that’s another story.}  Here are some highlights from Norah’s performance:

“First, I creeeeep in just like a little mouse.”  She loves to retell the entire experience.

There was a progression of turns and points…

…some mouse-walking…

…and the final bow.  The funny part was how long Norah held this pose, face down, toe pointed, arms outstretched, soaking up every drop of applause.  Someone finally tugged on her tutu and told her to move off stage.

I laughed so hard.  We all did.

Annie’s performance was beautiful…

This is Annie’s fifth year of dance and her third at Margo Dean.  Her class danced the part of the entertainer’s at the royal ball.  Annie has always looked incredibly elegant in her costumes.  It always takes my breath away a little when I first see her with her hair back and with makeup emphasizing her eyes and lips.  She just looks so grown up…

She has long beautiful lines, and she dances with much grace and poise.  Annie is also a very precise dancer, and knows all the details of every step.  Her dad likes to lovingly make fun of all the names of the steps she knows with his over-the-top French accent.  ”So, Annie, can you show me gran-bat-mah?”  It makes her laugh, but she really does know all the names of all the steps and practices around the house constantly.

Annie is the one that the other girls look to to follow during the performance.  I’m not bragging, I’m just stating the facts.  She is a leader, confident of where she is supposed to be and when.  She is comfortable on stage, but not in an over-the-top hammy kind of way.  She just seems to be sure of herself and enjoys performing in front of an audience.  Genetics at work?  I like to think so.

So pretty.

Of course, no recital would be complete without a bounty of flowers afterwards…

Some from Zsa Zsa, some from Rachel, some from Daddy {sent with love all the way from Africa}, and a sweet necklace from Grammy.

Norah was “so0000 dex-cited” by all her flowers. It was a big day for our little mouse.

And there you have it.  Ballet Recitals of 2011.

Don’t forget Friday Pie-Day…I have a classic coming your way!

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4 Responses to Tiny Dancers

  1. Krista says:

    And even more darling and beautiful in person. Your photos are great– and I love the recap. Oh, that these girls would walk in their mothers’ absolute delight in them!

  2. rachelle says:

    thanks for the smiles/sanity while i laboriously upload pictures on my own blog. there has got to be a better way.

  3. janina walker says:

    those are my girls….makes us so proud!
    Zsa Zsa and Boompa

  4. Wendy says:

    Gracious, they are so pretty! Startling to see them in make up ;-) Look out momma, sneek peak of senior prom!
    Thanks for the great pics of my favorite girly thing, dance recital!
    (ps…is it cherry on Friday?)

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