Meet Jake

Meet Jake.

Jake is the second of our four children, and our only boy.  When people first hear this they usually say something like, “Oh, poor guy…” or “He doesn’t stand a chance, does he?”  I disagree.  Jake is wonderfully suited to being the only boy in a house full of sisters.  He is loving and affectionate, protective, interested, and seems to enjoy flying solo as the only young man in our house.  Plus, as one of my dear friends pointed out, when all our girls are getting married, Jake gets to walk me down the aisle all by himself.  He’s my buddy.

In a lot of ways Jake is what you’d expect from a seven-year-old boy.  He loves super-heros, pirates, and bad guys.  He loves playing outside, kicking the ball, chasing his sister.  He loves wrestling on the floor with his dad, jumping off the diving board, and riding his bike.  And he likes to tell jokes.  Want to hear a Jake original?

What kind of hairdo does a cow get?  A mooooo-hawk.  {Get it?  Get it?}

In a lot of ways, though, Jake is unique and different.  He is incredibly artistic and creative.  I’m used to dolling out the obligatory, “Oh, honey, your drawing is so beautiful” when I am handed original creations from our children.  But when Jake draws or paints I usually end up saying something like, “Wow.  Wow…can you tell me about this?”  And he’ll shrug and say, “I don’t know.  I just made it.”  His paintings have movement.  His drawings, though completely age-appropriate, show perspective and acute attention to detail and space.  I know I’m his mom, but believe me…there’s something in this kid that I’m excited to watch unfold and develop.

Jake is the kind of kid that stands in the rain, arms outstretched, tongue extended, eyes closed, because he wants to know what rain tastes like and what it feels like on his skin.  He lives in the moment and follows his heart.  At times he’s a bit of a literalist.  Upon hearing the song Rumor Has It recently in my car, he asked, “Rumor has what?”  Good question.  And speaking of questions, the boy can ask some incredibly unusual questions.  They always serve as a kind of road map for what’s going on inside his Jake-brain.  ”Is it dark inside our bodies?”  ”Is my dad bigger than a penguin?”  ”Does blood hurt?”

Jake likes to eat.  He also likes to learn about things like dinosaurs and outer space.  So sometimes those activities merge and I find him standing on a chair eating chips out of the bag while looking at the chart of the solar system.  Why not?  He also prefers to wear jeans year round.

Jake stands out in a crowd without trying.  He just does what makes sense to him, and a lot of times that falls outside the lines of what most people would call normal.  He’s not afraid to be his own person.  Or stare down the camera when he knows you want a smile.

More than anything in the world, Jake loves to celebrate.  Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July…he is delighted to have a reason to eat special meals, decorate the house, and {most of all} open gifts.  Jake even enjoys gifts when they are for other people.  You can always find Jake in all our family birthday pictures hovered over the person opening gifts as he rejoices with them and is struck with glee and awe as the wrapping paper is removed from each present.

This is Jake on his last birthday opening his gift from Annie.

She gave him some rocks.  And he loved it.  You could wrap up toilet paper and he would be excited, simply because it’s a gift.  I think I could write about this boy of mine for days and days and still not adequately cover all the things his dad and I love about him.  But I won’t.  I’ll stop here for now…

Jake is a gift.  Our only son.  Our unique child.  Our blessing that daily offers us deeper glimpses into the heart of our Creator.  I’m so thankful for him.


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7 Responses to Meet Jake

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  4. Wendy says:

    Jake is spectacular, and so are you to give such a sweet, insightful portrait of him. Makes me want to pay closer attention to my own boys and try to get to know them as people now that they’re not babies anymore. Love this!

  5. Lynda Smythe says:

    I love Jake! I think he is blessed to be in a family with you, Timm, and his three beautiful sisters. God Bless the Sasser family!

  6. Charlotte says:

    Those pictures are priceless. He IS one of those unforgettable kinda kids with the most charming of all smiles. Come to think of it, so are Annie, Norah and Lillian…man, you guys hit the jackpot. I love this!

  7. Sandra Sasser says:

    What a GREAT tribute to your son and our wonderful grandson….well said!

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