Timm’s Birthday {39}

Timm turned thirty-nine this past Sunday, and, as we are known to do around these parts, we celebrated him all day.  It started with a banner.

Not only was last Sunday Timm’s birthday, it was also the much-anticipated season premiere of AMC’s Emmy-winning series Breaking Bad.  This show is about a chemistry teacher who begins cooking meth on the side to provide for his wife and children after finding out he has terminal lung cancer.  It’s not a family show.  But it is phenomenal television, and the opening credits use letters from the periodic table of the elements.  {Get it…the main character is a chemistry teacher.}  Timm couldn’t have been more thrilled that the show’s season premiere fell on his birthday.  So what better way to honor him and his excitement for one of his favorite forms of entertainment than with a Breaking Bad-inspired banner?  He loved it.

Breakfast was fried eggs, sausage, and blueberry coffee cake…with a candle, of course.

After breakfast he dove into his stack of creatively wrapped gifts which included new shoes, a home-brew kit, and an electronic bug zapper.

Yes, that is an “I miss Bill” bumper sticker that you see tucked between the bags and boxes.  And, yes, it is referring to our 42nd President, Bill Clinton.  And, yes, Timm loves and misses him.

One of Rachel’s gifts to Timm was a handmade pinata in the shape of a “T”.  We didn’t actually fill it with candy and do the thing where you bust it open with a baseball bat while blindfolded.  But maybe next year.

Timm’s favorite gift?  The Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness poster.  For those of you not familiar with the show Parks and Recreation on NBC, Ron Swanson and his pyramid mean nothing to you, and to explain him is really beyond my abilities.  He’s just…great.  For those who are familiar with one of the most entertaining characters in television, this is a pretty genius gift, no?  It is made infinitely greater by the fact that Timm’s current facial hair configuration is moustache-based, just like Ron.

Annie gave her dad a certificate good for one car wash.  She also gave him the option of helping to wash the car or sitting inside while she washed it so he could pretend like he was at the real car wash.  Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard?  She even drew two little boxes so he could check which option he preferred.  After he opened the car wash gift certificate, Annie told him she had one more gift for him, but he had to go upstairs to the playroom to get it.

So she and the kids led him up to our playroom windows, told him to open his eyes, and take a look.

Waiting down below on our driveway was a new smoker.  I wish you could have been there the night before when Rachel and I were the only ones around to help Patrick unload this monster out of the truck.  We would have let you help too.

Timm was very surprised and filled with birthday joy as he checked out his new toy.

Later that evening Timm’s sister Tina came over for dinner.  We ate ribs, cole slaw, and blue cheese grits.  Everyone’s belly was very happy.  Except for Lillian’s.  Turns out she doesn’t like meat on bones, cabbage with vinegar-based sauce, or exotic cheeses.  But the Birthday Boy was a very happy camper.

After dinner the rest of our family came over for birthday cake {Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting}.

Everyone gathered around the kitchen counter and sang “Happy Birthday”…

…and Lillian helped Daddy blow out all his candles.

And here’s where I began to see something beautiful taking shape.

I’m not going to lie to you.  Timm’s birthday was a bit rough this year.  We’re all grieving, and Timm especially was feeling the loss of Scott in a very profound way this week.  Scott was always a very large presence at our family birthday dinners, and we miss him.  It was tricky to figure out how to proceed with a family gathering while still feeling so sad.  But we did our best.  Timm’s birthday celebration was the first event in a year of firsts without our Boom Pa.  It felt so good to be with our family and figure out how to navigate through this new territory together.  We did our best.  Take a look…

Timm showed Janina how mean he can make his face look with his new moustache…

…and he made her laugh so hard she could barely stand up.

Norah dressed up as Super Woman, and with a poster and a pinata in the background tried to wake up a fake-sleeping Uncle Jim.

Young men talked over cake and pie {one dessert just wasn’t enough}…

…and young women talked about new life and change.

Lillian and Timm talked to baby Ash inside Nina’s belly…

…and our family lingered around the table and talked about electronic bug zappers and running with the bulls. Rachel and I sat laughing in the other room while we listened to Timm trying to explain Ron Swanson and Breaking Bad to sweet Janina.  She swears she’s never heard of the periodic table of the elements.

It’s not the same.  It never will be.  But we’re figuring it out, and we’re working on making our lives and hearts fit around it as best we can.

Happy Birthday, Husband.  I love you and all thirty-nine of your years.

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4 Responses to Timm’s Birthday {39}

  1. Andrea Johnson says:

    This is wonderful. You are an incredible wife, daughter, and mother. I had to share with a dear friend who also recently lost a loved one. She was sharing her feel of the need to get away and retreat for a bit. I told her how important I thought that was, and also about your trip together after Scott’s funeral. These things you are so thoughtful to share, can help a lot of people. You are brave and loving. Much Love.

  2. Nuria Gómez says:

    So, if all these happened on his 39th birthday. . . what would he expect next year! Wow! Such a creative loving wife you are, girl!

  3. Susie Sanders says:

    that is all real-life….which makes my heart happy….loved how you wrote this!

  4. Ashlee Mason says:

    What a great birthday! We love Parks and Rec and Ron Swanson is just about our favorite of all time :)

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