Meet Lillian

My baby girl isn’t a baby anymore, and it’s about to be official when she turns two in a couple of weeks.  Lillian is our fourth child, our third girl, and she is…well, take a look for yourself…

Lillian likes to announce her presence.  When Timm brings her down for breakfast in the morning, she runs into the dining room and yells, “Teeee-AHHHHH!”  That’s toddler-talk for, “Ta-dah!”  She wants you to know she’s entered the room, and she assumes you’ve been waiting with baited breath for her arrival.

Lillian wakes up every morning with the severe bed head.  Every morning.  The same patch of matted hair on the back of her head has to be sprayed down and brushed back into place before we go anywhere.

Lillian loves her daddy more than anyone else in the world.  She sprints to the door to see him when he gets home from work, yelling, “Daaaaahhhh-deeeeeeee!”  They roll around on the floor for a while, and she gives him nonstop kisses.

Lillian has such a sweet face.

But sometimes she likes to squint her eyes and grit her teeth.

And sometimes when she’s really enjoying something {like watching fireworks in Daddy’s lap} she does this funny thing with her face, shoulders, and hands.  What is that?  It cracks us all up.

Lillian hasn’t figured out yet that she’s not a big kid.  If the other three are participating, she assumes she can too.  She wants to be a part of the group, and she wants to have fun.  She adores her siblings and calls them by name…”Ah-eeee” {Annie}, “Ghee” {Jake}, “Roar-ahh” {Norah}, and, of course, “Yah-Yoh” {Rachel}.

Lillian has an athletic component to her genetic make-up that our other three children haven’t yet displayed.  She loves to kick the ball, throw the ball, roll the ball, or just walk around carrying the ball.

She loves to play ball so much that in the absence of having anyone to play with her, she will set up her bear on the floor and play pass with him.  I swear I did not stage this.

She just loves to play ball.

She also loves animals.  She has no fear of enormous dogs.  She just wants to pet them and kiss them and hold them and feed them and play with them and ride them.  She has a zoo in her crib.  The menagerie of stuffed animals includes an elephant, a giraffe, a puppy, a panda, a caterpillar, a kitten, a duck, a bee, a sheep, a ladybug, and a bear.

Lillian is also very determined.  One day she brought an orange to me wanting to eat it.  I told her, “No, baby.  Not right now.  It’s not time to eat.”  She disappeared.  And then I noticed it was very quiet.  Too quiet.  I found her sitting at the dining room table…

…digging into the orange with a tiny little pearl spoon.  She had bored a hole through the orange peel and was scooping out the flesh in tiny little bites.

She really wanted to eat an orange.

Lillian just discovered that she loves wearing her rain boots around the house.  I enjoy it when she wears these one-piece polka dot pajamas.  I especially enjoy it when she wears them together.

Sometimes you just need to play soccer while wearing a hard hat.  Right, Lillian?

I love Lillian’s emerging vocabulary these days.  It’s like she’s speaking a dialect of the English language.  You kind of have to use your context clues to figure it out.  When she says, “Ah boo,” it could mean, “I want my boots” or “I have poops.”  And then there are words that she just makes up because the real ones are too hard.  When she says, “Mah-eee,” she’s either asking for her silky or to watch Sesame Street.  You really have to have a discerning ear to get it right.

Lillian loves to sing and can baby-sing her way through the theme to Elmo’s World, Happy Birthday {when she sings it’s always Daddy’s birthday}, the Alphabet Song, and Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are.  No lie.

From the time she was a baby she has always been most at ease in a room full of people.  She doesn’t mind being the center of attention, but she also doesn’t mind just being a part of the crowd.  Something about the noise and activity of a large family gathering always puts her in a good mood.

That’s our sweet Lillian Mae.

Sometimes she seems big and grown up, and sometimes she seems small and tiny.  The precious mix of girl and baby is a fleeing season, and it’s tough to close the baby chapter of our family life.  I’ve been growing babies or taking care of them for almost nine years.  Part of me is excited to leave behind diapers and sippy cups.  Part of me looks at her and wants to make it linger as long as possible.

We love you, Little Lillian.


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7 Responses to Meet Lillian

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  4. Krista says:

    I am officially caught up! What a gift to us and to your family. Peach pie– handing it to you on that one. Sheer determination! Rachel- : ( and lovely party. Lillian- ahhhhhh, precious. Loved it all!

  5. Nuria Gómez says:

    You´re a rare specimen, Katherine Sasser. When it comes to the “Baby pictures” thing, the last of a large family find. . . there´s none of him/her. And, here you are, with very precious moments of Lillian´s daily life presented in your unique way. Love to read you and the way you mix up images that make everything more alive. You´re good, girl!

  6. Susie Sanders says:

    Love that Lillian Sasser!

  7. Sandra Sasser says:

    GREAT! She IS a doll and SO sweet!

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