A Sweet Sendoff

It’s official.  Our sweet Rachel has left the nest, spread her wings, and flown away to a new life and a new job in Austin.  I still can’t believe it.  Of course, we are all thrilled for her new opportunity at Texas Monthly Magazine, but goodness gracious, our hearts are going to miss her.  The good news is she will be coming home for the next three {maybe four?} weekends due to prior engagements here in Fort Worth.  We get the gift of a gradual adjusting to her absence.  But her little room already looks empty, and our house won’t be the same without her floating around and touching everyone and everything with her love and creativity.

Last Friday night we had a very low-key party to celebrate her final night in Fort Worth and allow those who love her to send her off with a smile.  We had cocktails and cupcakes, and it was simple and sweet.  Of course, I have some photos of the details to share with you.  I promise, a lot of what you are about to see in these pictures really was serendipitous and unexpectedly color-coordinated.  It was a party miracle.  Rachel and I laughed at all the unplanned cuteness as we were setting up, and decided to go with it and pretend we planned it all along.  Take a look…

We served Gin and Tonics, Whiskey Sours, and Shirley Temples.

You know my great love for food and drink labels, so ten minutes before the party began Rachel threw together these labels.  She just happened to have blue and green craft bows that just happened to match the napkins that she just happened to choose because she couldn’t decide which color she loved most.   Oh, and the gin bottle just happened to be the same color blue as the napkins, we just happened to have green straws, and of course the limes next to the blue gin bottle just happened to look amazing.  Sometimes you plan this kind of detail.  Sometimes it just happens to fall together ten minutes before the party.

Rachel made Hi-Hat Cupcakes.  Hoorah!

She used the Tuxedo Cake recipe for the batter.  The frosting was tricky to make, but ended up being delicious.  It had the consistency of marshmallows, and the whole thing was dipped in chocolate.  Yum.

The evening was not about the cupcakes or cocktails, but about providing a place for some of Rachel’s closest friends to gather and send her off.

Aren’t her friends beautiful?  And each of them has a heart that is beautiful too.  They’re all great girls, and I love the way they love Rachel.

Everyone chatted and  laughed in our living room…the very living room where I first met Rachel three years ago.  At the time she was sad, lonely, and hurting.  A girl in need of community, family, home.  So we made her our own, opening our lives, our hearts, and our home to her.  She moved in and found a place that fit.  We thought we were helping her, but it turns out she helped us all the more.  Rachel served our family selflessly, embraced our children as her siblings, and brought heaps of love and fun to our house.  It wasn’t always easy.  Real life is full of messy relationships, conflicts, and heartache.  But we also did our fair share of celebrating, rejoicing, and laughing.  We made a lot of memories together with her under our roof, and we each grew and changed along the way.  It all came full circle for me last Friday night to see her surrounded by friends and family in the same room where we first met, now ready to move on and find her way in the world.

We love you, Rachel.  Though our hearts are sad, they are hopeful and happy too.  Fly away, but don’t forget the way back home.

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2 Responses to A Sweet Sendoff

  1. Nuria Gómez says:

    I´m sure Rachel has her own talent but, being around you for three years, she´s learned for sure! Love beginnings, just hope this ending is not a final-final one! Love.

  2. Sarah Wolfe says:

    Happy sad I’m sure.

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