Friday Pie-Day {Coconut Cream}

Happy next-to-last Friday Pie-Day!  That’s right, we’ve almost reached the end of our summer baking adventure.  If I’m being honest, I’ve sort of hit a baking wall, and I never thought I’d say this, but I’m a tiny bit tired of pie.  I feel terrible saying it, but it’s true.  Today I feel about pies the same way I feel about summer:  it’s been great, but I’m ready for a change.  So, given that I’m powering through to the bittersweet end, you will understand why this week’s post is a bit…paltry.

Don’t get me wrong, the pie is delicious.  Cool and creamy coconut filling in an animal cracker crumb crust and topped with fresh whipped cream…it’s a keeper.  But I really did not do a good job chronicling the process for you.  Please forgive.

The ingredients for Coconut Cream Pie are pretty basic with two exceptions.  The crust is made from animal crackers, which is kind of fun and different, don’t you think?  And the majority of the coconut flavor comes from a can of coconut milk.  Do not use light coconut milk, and do not use Coco Lopez by mistake.  Other than that, the ingredients are very basic.

The animal cracker crust is made by processing animal crackers and coconut, and then combining them with melted butter much the same way we made a graham cracker crust {here}.  Once it is baked you do need to let it cool to room temperature for about 30 minutes before you add the filling.

Speaking of filling.  There’s good news and there’s bad news.  The good news is the filling for Coconut Cream Pie is made exactly the same way as the filling for Chocolate Cream Pie.  Do you remember this post about Chocolate Cream Pie where a million things kept going wrong?  But in the end it all worked out?  The bad news is I was left alone in my kitchen again while making Coconut Cream Pie.  Since I only have two hands and the filling requires both of them, there aren’t any photos of how to make the coconut filling.  Lame, I know.  But hopefully a quick look back at the Chocolate Cream Pie post will suffice.  And the printable copy of the recipe {see below} is very thorough and easy to follow.

The other good news is…this pie turned out beautifully.  No hitches or ingredients left out along the way!

The animal cracker crust is great.  Crumbly and sweet with just a hint of vanilla to compliment the coconut filling.

The layers firmed up to perfection allowing the slicing of this pie to be a breeze.

We were all very pleased with the coconut flavor and the consistency of the filling.  I hope you are too!

Click below to download a printable copy of the recipe.

{Coconut Cream Pie}

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