Lillian’s Birthday {2}

Lillian turned two on August 5, and we had so much fun celebrating her.  Our family has developed a birthday routine, and it was exciting to watch our littlest enjoy all the festivities.  It all starts at breakfast.

Daddy brought her downstairs, and she immediately realized something special was going on.  Gasp!  What’s could that be?

It’s every two-year-old girl’s dream come true!  Her very own vanity table…

…complete with hair rollers, hair brush, and working hair dryer.  She dove right in.

Big sister Norah did a really good job assisting the Birthday Girl, and she reminded Lillian how important it is to be a good sharer.

Funny how these girls know exactly what to do when given beauty supplies.

She spent a lot of time styling her hair.

Eventually she took a break from checking herself out in the mirror and ate some special birthday breakfast.  The best part was how she knew exactly when and how to blow out her candle all by herself.  Had she been practicing?

After breakfast it was back to work.  See how she is waving her arms around while Norah dries her hair?  Whenever she donned her crown she took on a new persona…a twirling, fancy, princess persona with a far-off pensive expression.  She took the business of beauty very seriously.

Later that night we continued the celebration with a birthday family dinner.  We ate chicken tenders, homemade mac and cheese, and roasted broccoli.  Have you ever heard of a two-year-old who loves broccoli?  Me neither, but I’m thankful.  It was just the six of us for Lillian’s birthday dinner.  Usually we have other family members present, but it just didn’t work out this year.  I can’t remember the last time only our immediate family gathered for a birthday meal.  It was different, but very sweet.

And of course we had birthday cake.

Is there anything better than seeing your daughter’s name written in pink frosting?

Or watching her blow out her two tiny candles all by herself?

Presents came next, and she knew exactly what to do.  Can you see the glee on her face at opening her gift?  I wish you could have heard the squeal of delight that accompanied this face.  She kept saying, “Ah poh-neeeee!!” She loves My Little Pony.

I sat and watched her play with not-baby toys.  She’s pretending and making sounds for the figures and doing very big-girl things here.  And I’m on the other side of the camera brushing away the tears.

On Saturday morning we woke up and got ready for her party.  We planned a Cupcake and Lemonade Purple Pinwheel Party.  Despite the very detailed theme, the party was a very low-key event.  I personally think two-year-old parties should be as simple as possible.  But that didn’t stop me from decorating.

We put pinwheels on the front door…

…the door frames…

…and the walls.  Lots and lots of pinwheels.

I sat out a jar of purple pinwheel party favors and served lemonade with pink straws.  {That’s the party invitation in front of the pinwheels.}

I made tiny cupcakes with purple frosting and, of course, added more pinwheels.

We invited one other family and their three children and the little girl who lives next door.  The guest list was very short, but when you start with four kids, you pretty much have a ready-made party.  Add a few more, and it’s a crowd.  The kids sat around the dining room table and played with play dough…

…colored pinwheel coloring sheets, and made fruit-loop candy necklaces.

Then we sang “Happy Birthday”…

…and she blew out her two candles.  Again, she knew to wait until the singing ended before she took a giant breath and breathed it out with a long “ffffffffffffffff” sound.  It worked!

After cake, Lillian and her friends posed for some pinwheel pictures.

Everyone had fun.  The party was simple and short, but full of fun details.  {Yes, I made purple pinwheel shirts and purple pinwheel hair clips.  I can’t help it…I love details!}

Here are my girls…all growing up way too fast.  Three sisters.  No babies.  All big kids.

Happy Birthday, Lillian!

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7 Responses to Lillian’s Birthday {2}

  1. Jennifer says:

    Loving your party pictures! I am planning a “turning 1″ pinwheel party for my daughter and LOVED your paper pinwheel decorations and the shirts/bows you made. Can you tell me how you did the huge paper pinwheels??? And, is that just an applique on the shirts??
    Thanks so much and WONDERFUL party. Very cute girls as well :)

  2. Krista says:

    Precious. Love the pinwheels! And the pictures with YOU in them.

  3. Nuria says:

    Oh, my gosh! If this was a low-key party, can´t imagine how it´ll be when it´s time to celebrate the “Sweet sixteen”? Loved decoration and you´re a natural on “detail”, girl.
    Thanks for sharing this special family moments.
    P.S. I need a vanity table for my grandaughter!!!! (agh! not available in MC)

  4. Andrea Johnson says:

    That’s a really beautiful cake! Well done! I think our mental pictures of “low key” are really quite very different. In awe!

  5. KPARTY says:

    K, the pic of Lilian blowing out her candles on the pink cake is AMAZING!! Blow that up and frame it please and thank you :)

  6. Tammi says:

    Another great party! I love the all the smiles on Lillian’s face throughout the day. Great job!

  7. Sarah Wolfe says:

    Wow! You make me look like a terrible mother ;) Happy Birthday, Lillian! Love the shirts and all the little details!

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