Eleven Years

The husband and I celebrated eleven years of marriage three weeks ago.  We kept it local this year and traveled a whole two miles from our house to downtown Fort Worth, checked into a hotel, and emerged only for meals.  We tightly shut the black-out curtains and cranked the thermostat down to 60 without worrying about the energy cost involved in such a decision.  It was restful, regenerative, and really really wonderful to unplug from daily life for a few days.  Plus is was deliciously cold in our room.

The week prior to our anniversary I performed my yearly ritual and pulled out all of our wedding memorabilia {including my dress} so that we could look back and remember our special day.

I always meant to have my dress cleaned and preserved after our wedding day, but I never did.  Now I am so thankful that I didn’t.  I love looking at it each year, and I especially love letting my girls see it and admire it.

It’s a very simply dress, but they think it’s the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen.  And that makes me smile.

I also pulled out all our wedding albums…

The albums are very simple too.  Amateur photos pasted onto plain pages.  But they are our memories, our collection of reminders of a truly beautiful day.  I sometimes wish they were more glamourous, collected in a more creative setting, but then I remind myself that the simple nature of these pictures is part of the story.

We didn’t have a wedding budget of any kind.  We had friends and family who joined around us and provided things we needed.  These wedding albums were a gift from my friend Debra.  The flowers in these pictures were arranged and given as a gift from the wife of a co-worker of Timm’s at the time.

The pictures themselves were taken by someone who had a camera and wanted to help.  Our entire wedding, every detail, every part {including the reception}, every tangible item, was a testament to the power of community and God’s blessing and provision.  So I feel good about my simple photographs and simple album pages.

The photographs from our reception are one of our most prized possessions.  A dear friend who is also an incredibly gifted professional photographer showed up at our reception with her camera, snapped a bunch of amazing shots, and then gave the prints to us as a wedding gift.

Looking at her photographs always takes us back to that day in a very real way, and we can feel like we are there all over again.  What a gift.

Want to know a fun fact about my husband?  Every year he has given me a gift that follows the traditional anniversary gift suggestions, and this year was no different.  He has always done such a great job being creative and sentimental.  I really will have to do a post one day to show you all the fun things he’s given me on our anniversaries over the years.  The traditional anniversary gift for the eleventh anniversary is steel, and this is what he found…

An antique steel scale.  Isn’t it charming and great?

I, however, have not always done such a good job on the anniversary gift-giving, but this year I did abide by the traditional rules.  I gave him a stainless steel pocket knife inscribed with this on the front…

…and this on the back…

Cheesy?  Perhaps.  But hopefully memorable.

Happy Anniversary, my love.  Thank you for celebrating our eleven years together with such gusto and thoughtfulness.  I love you always.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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6 Responses to Eleven Years

  1. Nuria Gómez says:

    Inspiring! (tears, tears, tears)

  2. Krista says:

    Timm– I am VERY impressed. Very.
    K- how do you store your gowns the other 358 days of the year?? (We can talk later.)
    Sweet, sweet stuff.

  3. Candace Metz says:

    P.S. The gifts were so thoughtful! Nice work Sasser’s!

  4. Candace Metz says:

    I so enjoyed reading your story. It is so therapeutic and wonderful just to have no worries (cleaning, needs of others to pacify, no where to be, and be able to just “BE”). I am so happy that you and Timm had a wonderful anniversary. I never knew that you pulled out your wedding dress each year. What a super fun memory for your kiddos and for you to relive it! Do you ever put it back on?? You should. You might feel like Cinderella surrounded by a beautiful audience of admirers (little mice). I really do love reading your weekly blog. Such a beautiful friend you are. I miss you and Timm oh so very much. Happy belated Anniversary. I hope that you and your family are able to smile more these days. I think of you often…know that. :)

  5. Wendy says:

    I love that you two found each other. Happy belated anniversary!

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