Summer Recap

Summer 2011 came to end for me mentally way before the actual end arrived.  And yet, there are still some summer moments I need to capture before I tuck this season away.  In between the major life events of our summer {Scott, Rachel, Ash} were some very sweet moments of “normal” activities.  Today’s post is mostly for me to put bits of all of these moments together in a tangible form so I can move on, fully ready for fall.

First came our Father’s Day weekend with Timm’s family at Lake Livingston.  Memorable moments included…

…fearless Norah ready to swim and dive all by herself in the big lake…

…cousins {and friends} Maggie and Annie spending girl time together…

…Timm teaching Jake how to fish…

…Lillian swinging with Pop Pop…

…a great big gigantic obnoxious life jacket…

…and Aunt Tammi and Lillian sitting together at Maggie’s birthday party lunch.

One week later we were in Watercolor, Florida with the Walkers.  We made a lot of memories that week.  Some especially sweet moments included…

…Norah, Cora, and Lillian having a tea party on the beach with Zsa Zsa…

…Annie looking especially grown up with her effortless style…

…Jake swimming and boogie-boarding all by himself for hours and hours…

…Norah delighted with everything about the beach…

…Lillian hating most things about the beach…

…Norah, Annie, Lillian, Jake, Eliot, and Cora snuggling on the couch watching a movie…

…and adorably pregnant Nina keeping cool in the waves.

The next event of our summer was our annual Fourth of July celebration with the much-loved Johnson family.

The Big Kids:  Annie, Murphie, Jake, and Barrett.

The Crazy Couple:  Norah and Dane

And The Littles:  Harper and Lillian.

After a day of swimming, we gave everyone a bath, dressed them in their PJs and drove to a field to watch fire works.  Our families have been getting together for Fourth of July for nine years {Murphie was three months old and the only child between us the first time we celebrated together}.

Dane and Norah stared at each other to pass the time while they waited for the fireworks to begin.

Lillian loved loved loved loved loved the fireworks.

Those were a few of the big moments.  Along the way this summer there were other smaller moments.  I feel like these smaller moments were tiny pieces of light nestled in among a lot of heavy dark days.  Remembering them and seeing them makes me smile.

Jake played baseball.  He was the biggest player on his team and one of the best hitters.

Annie and Jake went to Day Camp and Music Camp {Crazy Hair Day!}.

Their Music Camp performance was great, and Annie had a solo.

One night after baths, Annie invited Norah and Lillian for a make-believe Girls’ Day.  She dressed them up, and they pretended to go on a shopping excursion “purchasing” things around the house.  Purses, sunglasses, and jewelry for everyone!  I remember laughing so hard when they all came downstairs.

Lillian discovered her love for boots and tutu.

And Norah enjoyed quiet moments coloring with her friend Mary Margaret.

This list isn’t exhaustive, and I’ve left things out, but it hits the main points for me and helps capture and sum up the in-betweens of our summer.

Now…who’s ready for fall?  Me too!

Tomorrow is the first Weeknight Wonder post…can’t wait to share it with you!


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3 Responses to Summer Recap

  1. Nuria says:

    Seems I have no choice so, lets welcome the Fall (not so excited. . . :-(

  2. TJ Wilson says:

    fabulous photos, memories. you love your family well, K.

  3. kellie says:

    perfect…and bring on the fall!

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