Meet Norah

Thus far I have formally introduced you to Husband, Rachel, Jake, and Lillian. Today I’d like you to meet our third child, Norah.

For those of you who already are acquainted with her, you are probably grinning in anticipation of what this post may contain.  I hope I can adequately describe her for the rest of you.  Norah is, according to most who meet her, very…special.  Different.  Kind of a shining star, but not in an over-achiever type of way.  She just stands out without even trying.

People comment to me after meeting all of our children that there is “just something about Norah.”  She makes adults genuinely laugh.  She curls up next to you and works her way into that special place in your heart without even trying.  She’ll have a dynamic honest conversation with you on just about any topic you pick.  From the moment she arrived on the scene, she made her presence known.  At one month old, after her first real bath, she turned toward the camera and gave me this smile…

She’s a ham.  She knows how to work a room.  And she’s completely comfortable running the show.  Though not the oldest of our family, she often is in control of things when all of our children are playing together.  She is what some might call emotionally volatile, but what we prefer to call “passionate.”  Her highs are very high.  And her lows reach the depths of three-year-old emotion.  The good news is, with this much emotional currant rolling around in her little body, the tide can change very quickly from tragic to terrific.  Take a look for yourself…

All within two minutes.

Lately Norah has taken to a particular habit that none of our other children have done to this point:  expressing herself through an inanimate object.  Her alter ego is named Bear, and he’s an actual stuffed bear that she sleeps with.  Bear goes everywhere we will allow Norah to take him.  But even if Bear’s physical presence isn’t with us, Norah still lets us know what Bear is thinking and what he is feeling.  I’ve started interacting with Bear.  It usually looks something like this:

Norah:  Mommy, Bear really likes candy and really has always wanted that candy rattle.

Me:  Well, you need to tell Bear that I am not buying that candy rattle for him.

Norah:  Well, Bear is going to be really really angry and sad and might throw a fit if you don’t buy that candy rattle for him.

Me:  Well, you need to remind Bear that if he throws a fit in Target he is going to get a spanking.

Norah:  Bear doesn’t like obeying, but he said Okay.

Me:  I understand.  Tell Bear I said thank you for obeying.

Bear is often “fever sick” and requires very elaborate care that only Norah is qualified to give.  Bear’s birthday seems to occur every couple of weeks and he’s always so excited.  Bear is never sleepy.  Bear is always hungry.  Bear gets blamed for a lot of misbehavior.  Bear and Norah are best friends.

Norah is as girly as they come.  There aren’t enough accessories and not elaborate enough costumes to keep up with her desire to be well-dressed at all times.  The other day she wore all pink.  Everything she had on, including her shoes, socks, and underwear, were pink.  She had on her pink plastic pearls, a pink strawberry clip, and a  pink purse.  She squeezed her eyes shut tight, clinched her fists, and proclaimed, “THIS is the very best day of my entire life!!!!”  The girl loves pink.

She also loves candy.  Upon hearing that Halloween would indeed come around again this year, she squealed and said, “Annie, Jake, have you heard?  We get to have Halloween AGAIN this year!!”  As you can imagine she also is fond of Easter for reasons not related to the resurrection of our Savior

Norah was shockingly verbal from an absurdly young age.  I really had to reassure my friends who had children the same age as her that she was far ahead of the curve when it came to speaking.  She just began speaking in complete sentences before she was even a year old.  We all looked at each other in wonder and disbelief.  Her verbal skills are still something to behold as she frequently uses words like “apparently,” “scrumptious,” and “camouflage.”  But at times she also speaks like an immigrant from an Easter Russian-block country.  ”I can stay up ten more minutes, yes?”  ”It is not time for bed, no?”  Maybe all the early verbal skills are still working out some of the kinks in her tiny head.

This summer Norah attended Vacation Bible School with her friend Mary Margaret at a local church that is not our home church.  She loved it.  The best part was the song she learned and shared with us after the first day.  The lyrics are straight from scripture, and they are sung to the tune of “Ten Little Indians.”  Of course there are hand motions, and all of these things are incredibly precious, but there is something about her sweet little voice singing out the words that made all of us a bit weepy when we heard it.  See for yourself…

Where can I go from your Spirit?  Where can I flee from your presence?  If I go up to the heavens you are there.  If I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me.  Your right hand will hold me fast.  Psalm one-thrity-nine seven through ten.

What a sweet reminder of truth.

Norah is what Timm calls the light of our family.  She just shines.  Her smile is amazing.  Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  Her laugh is the greatest ever, and she makes us laugh with her daily.  She is a lover, a giver, an expressive and affectionate sister and friend.  Thanks for letting me share her with you!

PS.  This is only my second time to embed a YouTube clip into a post.  Will you let me know if it doesn’t work right?  Still learning the ropes around here!


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9 Responses to Meet Norah

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  3. Krista says:

    That girl…. Wish I knew her better– all of them for that matter. Those pictures are priceless.

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  5. Nuria says:

    She´s lovely! And you did right with the video.
    Thanks for sharing this precious girl of yours, Katherine.

  6. Sandra says:

    I just showed this to Pop-pop…he loved it as well. She is SO much like Timm was at that age…one day he walked into the nursery at 3 and opened the door wide open and said in a loud voice, “Guess who’s here!” His teacher said, “I KNOW who’s here!” :)

  7. Rachelle says:

    V just came over and said, “I hear a baby!”

  8. rachel says:

    norah bear! PERFECT description of bear. crying little tears of joy at the texas monthly front desk right now.

  9. Brittany says:

    Love, love sweet Norah! I will never forget that she told me at my wedding that my ring was “exquisite!” So glad you are in our lives, Norah! Love you!

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