The Engagement Story

As I promised {here} I have amazing photographs to share with you from Rachel and Patrick’s September 10th engagement.  The photographs were taken by Luiz, who is a close personal friend of the happy couple and the genius behind Lion Heart Image.  I can not recommend Luiz highly enough if you are looking for a professional photographer.  I can’t get over how stunning these images are.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Rachel was genuinely surprised by the entire event.  Earlier in the week Patrick had come up to Fort Worth from Austin for the day to decorate our house and get everything set.  He told Rachel he needed to come up to Fort Worth for the day on Saturday to get a mattress {which was true}, and he wanted her to just come along to keep him company on the ride.  She really wasn’t excited about the trip, but at the last minute agreed to go.

Then on Saturday morning she woke up with a migraine, and really really didn’t want to go, but finally relented to Patrick’s persistent pestering.  So she’s in the car, thinking they are going to get a mattress, when they pull up to our house just before 6:00 in the evening under the guise that they were stopping in to say hello to our kids.  No one was at our house except for Luiz {the photographer}.  But the candles were lit, the flowers arranged, the music playing, and the scene completely ready when they arrived.

She got to the porch and saw the twinkle of Christmas lights glowing from the ceiling inside, and she knew.

Rachel had to pause for a moment before they proceeded.

They walked in, and it all began.

There were three elements set out near the proposal bench.

A basket full of all the letters she had written to him…

…bread and wine for communion…

…and a basin of water with a towel for him to wash her feet.

Oh, yes, and one more thing.

The ring.

She sat down on the bench, he knelt down in front of her, and Patrick asked Rachel to be his wife.

She said yes.

{I feel like I’m watching something sacred unfold when I look at those images.  It is such an intimate and beautiful scene.}

Once the official proposing was complete, the fun continued.  Patrick led Rachel to her old room where there was a new dress waiting for her as well as everything she would need to get ready for their engagement dinner.

I got to have fun with the preparations for this part.  I borrowed a dress form to display her new frock.  And I left little notes for her everywhere pointing out where her shoes were {we wear the same size}, where the makeup and hair supplies were, and a new issue of Martha Stewart Weddings for her to peruse.

I also left her a fun note full of excitement and lots of exclamation points.

I think she had fun.

Doesn’t she look pretty?  All dressed up and ready for her engagement dinner.

Patrick got dressed up too.  He had left his new wardrobe waiting for him in our room upstairs so he wouldn’t have to pack it in the car with him.  He came downstairs to get his fiance and take her to dinner.  They didn’t have to go far.  Dinner took place at a table for two in our front living room.  This was all part of Patrick’s elaborate set up the week before.

We had moved a table into the room, set it with my wedding china, and he arranged for the food to be catered by Ellerbe Fine Foods.

They sat together and enjoyed a fine three course meal.  Timm and Blake dressed up and waited on them while I began preparations in the back of the house for the surprise engagement party Patrick had planned.  It was fun to hear them laughing and talking from the other room.

A proud Timm hugs the happy couple.

On to the party…

The table was set with a burlap runner, and everything else was white.

The party menu was cake and champagne.

I made a chocolate cake decorated vanilla buttercream…

…and an Italian cream cake.

Rachel had no idea about the party.  No idea who was invited.  No idea about any of it.

So she was blown away when her mom showed up…

…along with scads of other family and close friends.

She and Patrick were well celebrated.

Timm gathered everyone for a toast.  {That is Patrick’s mom on the left and Rachel’s mom on the right.}

They seemed to enjoy every minute of it all.

Personally, the evening was one of the more beautiful events I’ve experienced.  Besides the obvious feelings of excitement and happiness for two people who I love so dearly, I felt once again like I glimpsed a clearer picture of how God weaves the broken things together into something beautiful.  Little things become significant and fraught with meaning.  Relationships breathed depth and richness into the once cold, vacant corners of my heart.  I didn’t want it to end, but it had to.

And that’s how it happened.

Karaoke and continued celebrating may or may not have occurred afterwards at a local dive.  I’ll never tell.



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9 Responses to The Engagement Story

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  3. noel says:

    oh my! i wish i could’ve been there, but this post helps me feel like i was.

  4. Sandra Bradshaw says:

    I haven’t been to your blog in months and thought I’d pop in for a quick peek-a-loo and Voila!! Patrick sure did an amazing job creating such a lovely and memorable proposal Rachel. So sweet! Congratulations and God Bless them always. =)

  5. Sandra says:

    REALLY sweet!

  6. Rachelle says:

    Yay! Thanks for reminding me what falling in love feels like.

  7. KPARTY says:

    best post of the blog award.

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