Weeknight Wonder {Lasagna}

Everyone loves lasagna, right?  And everyone has their favorite rendition, right?  I get it.  And I’m in the same boat.  Up until a few years ago I thought I made a pretty good lasagna.  I mean, the recipe came from the back of the lasagna noodle box, so it had to be legit.  I think most people have gotten used to very average lasagna.  Yes, you can layer noodles, sauce, and some manner of cheese together and call it lasagna, but if you are going to go to the trouble to make lasagna why not make one that rocks?

Everything about this lasagna rocks.  The sauce, the cheese, the meat…it all rocks.  Hard.

I thought about not posting this recipe this week because of the pictures.  However, my friend Kellie told me that my word could convince you all to try this lasagna even if the photos weren’t compelling.  I don’t know a lot about food styling other than I am not that great at it, and I now have a heightened appreciation for all those beautiful pictures of food I see in the magazines.  Basically, I could not get my lasagna to look appealing on the plate.  How do you make a pile of noodles, cheese, meat, and sauce stand up straight and smile for the camera?  It’s beyond me.

That being said, this lasagna is the cream of the crop.  It is rich, creamy, saucy, tangy, cheesy, gooey, and hearty.  Everything you love about lasagna, and then some.  Like I said before, it rocks.

A few notes…

First, this lasagna calls for sweet Italian sausage.  ”Sweet” in reference to sausage simply means not spicy.  And when it comes to Italian sausage, there are some brands available in the grocery store, but the best will come from a meat counter like those you find at Central Market.  I’ve made it both ways, and there is a difference in taste.  Fresher {big surprise} is always better.

The recipe tells you to brown the sausage.  As I mentioned when we made Spaghetti Pie, browning the meat means to actually brown the meat.  Don’t just cook it until it’s not raw.  Brown it.

This sausage is cooked, but not browned.

This sausage is browned.

Second, this lasagna calls for a few different cheeses, one of which is fresh mozzarella.  Fresh mozzarella looks like this…

…and I get mine from Costco to save money.  You are going to slice this thinly, and in order for that process to go smoothly, the cheese needs to be nice and cold.  Stick it in the freezer for ten minutes to firm it up if it seems especially soft.  It also works best if you use a serrated knife.

See?  Nice thin slices, thanks to a little help from the freezer and a serrated blade.

Third, these are my favorite lasagna noodles.

You can use any brand or size of lasagna noodle that you like, but I like these because they fit so nicely into the pan.

The rest is very self-explanatory.  Don’t forget to let the lasagna sit for fifteen minutes after it comes out of the oven.  Otherwise, you will be scooping lasagna instead of slicing it.  Honestly, there are worse things than scooping lasagna, so even if you decide not to let it sit, you’ll still be happy.

This lasagna can be made ahead and even frozen before cooking.

{See how non-pretty this looks?  I guess love has to be blind when dealing with lasagna.}

Click below for a printable version of the recipe.  Happy Lasagna-ing!


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7 Responses to Weeknight Wonder {Lasagna}

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  3. Brittany says:

    Made this tonight and it was amazing! Thank you for the recipe!

  4. Flora says:

    I love lasagna. I’m glad you have a gourmet version. Quick question, is goat cheese necessary? I’m not a big fan of it and was wondering if the taste will be different without it.

    • katherine says:

      I thought about mentioning this very thing in the post. Even if you are not a fan of goat cheese, I would encourage to try this recipe once with the goat cheese included. It’s not the kind of thing that you can necessarily taste or identify. But it lends a certain creamy depth of flavor to the cheese mixture that really makes it stand out. If you do decide to omit it, I would encourage you to add 1/2 cup extra ricotta as a substitute for the goat cheese. Hope this helps!

  5. Nuria says:

    Had been waiting for your post to show up on my screen! I´ve done the “Weeknight wonders” part of my “I´m back routine”. So, tonight, there´ll be Lassagna party in my house (and the weather, chilli, makes it the perfect meal).
    Thanks, sweet lady!

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