Norah’s Birthday {4}

We celebrated another birthday recently.

Our little Norah turned four, and per her request we had ourselves a fairy party.  It is worth mentioning that this is the first year Norah hasn’t had a produce-themed party.  Her first birthday had a pumpkin motif because she was a fall baby, and I decorated everything with pumpkins.  Her second birthday was an apple party because I found these cute little felt favor bags that had apples on the front…so I went with it and made everything apple-based.  Then last year she requested a strawberry party.  We all scratched our heads trying to figure out what that meant, but she insisted that strawberries were in fact a party theme, and that’s what she wanted.  I managed to make that work, but barely.

So this year when she told me she wanted a fairy party, I was thrilled for something mainstream and easy to find on the party aisle.  Fairies are easier than produce.

This was the party scene.  We asked all of her friends to come dressed in their fairy best, and told them we would provided the wings and wands.

I sat the table with giant fairy coloring pages, bowls of crayons, and bowls of fruit loops.  A vase full of wands made the perfect centerpiece.

These are my three girls dressed up and ready for a fairy good time.  Small, medium, and large.  All super sweet.

Don’t tell Norah, but one of my favorite parts of her party was watching Lillian.  She was thrilled to be a part of the action and to be dressed up like all of the big kids.  She waved her wand.  She flew around the room.  She sat at the big table and colored.  She was a part of the party, and she loved every minute of it.

The girls colored and decorated crowns and plastic jewelry.

It is rare that I don’t make the cakes for my children’s parties.  But Norah requested one of the very beautiful cakes from the Target bakery.  She had been looking at them for months.  Who am I to argue with a four-year-old’s birthday request?  I bought a cake, bought a Tinkerbell figurine, stuck Tinkerbell in the icing up to her thighs, and Presto! we had a fairy cake.

Sweet girl was very pleased.

Pause.  I know this isn’t the greatest photo.  You really can’t see everyone’s face, and it’s not all in focus, but I love it.  All four of my children gathered around the cake, plus the two in the background lovingly watching.  It’s everything my motherly heart could ever want captured in one little moment.

All the tiny fairies gathered outside for a group shot.  What a cute bunch!

Then it was time to sit and watch the Birthday Fairy open her gifts.

Norah loves gifts almost as much as her brother, and the experience was entertaining for everyone in the room.

Four-year-old friends are the best.

So the fairy party was a huge success, and Norah was pleased as punch.

Her real birthday was the following Monday, and at our house we celebrate as a family on the actual day.

These were Norah’s gifts that were waiting for her on the breakfast table.  I show you this to point out that if you look very closely you will notice that Bear had a gift wrapped and ready to open.  Because even though Bear seems to celebrate a birthday every few weeks, Bear’s real birthday happens to be the same as Norah’s.

This was the first year one of my children requested donuts for their birthday breakfast.  Usually it is pancakes or waffles or cinnamon rolls, but Norah asked for donuts.  So she got to ride with Daddy in her pajamas to the donut store and carry the precious cargo inside.  {Look how excited her brother is in the background.}

We all sang “Happy Birthday”…

…and she got to open one gift.  The rest were saved for after dinner.

And speaking of dinner.  Norah has had her birthday menu solidified in her mind since this past summer.  She wanted three things:  Hot Hammies, Homemade Macaroni & Cheese, and Corn.

And, of course, cake.   “Chocolate cake with pink frosting food coloring.”  That is word-for-word how she described it to me.  I was happy to oblige.

Nina, JR, and Ash joined us for Norah’s family birthday dinner.  We all agreed her menu choices, though not gourmet, were very delicious.

The Birthday Girl blew out all of her candles…

…and enjoyed a large piece of her much-anticipated cake.

Annie, Jake, and Lillian gathered around as Norah opened her gifts.

Timm and Ash shared some quality time together.

And Norah enjoyed having gifts lavished upon her by those who love her.

Big Sis Rachel sent her a box of dress-up clothes, and a brand new umbrella.


Happy Birthday, Norah.  We love you!

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5 Responses to Norah’s Birthday {4}

  1. Brittany says:

    I LOVE that she specifically asked for a “Target cake” this year. That is hilarious, and soooo Norah! Your cakes are fabulous, so I’m glad that you got to make one for the family dinner. Happy Birthday, sweet Norah!

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  3. Taylor says:

    So sad I missed her birthday party and dinner this year! It looked like so much fun. Miss y’all more than you know.


  4. Nuria says:

    Every time I see your little ones´ birthday celebrations, being so special and wonderful, I think of my precious friend Sandra (Granny) and the reason why she sights for them. I see the big sacrifice she´s done over the years on behalf of our God, obeying His call.
    She´s loosing all those amazing intimate family moments and she´s given us her time and care.
    I love your posts, your news about family celebrations because they are all a success. But I like them more because they make me thank and think of my precious friend, Granny Sandra.
    Happy birthday to Nora! God bless her!

  5. Sarah says:

    Those are some really sweet fairies!!

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