Weeknight Wonders {Chili}

This post may surprise you.  It may even shock you.  Get ready.

Years ago, after Timm and I were first married and I was beginning to cook on a regular basis, I went searching for a chili recipe.  After looking through a few online, I found one that seemed very basic with nothing outrageous or off-the-wall.  I was just looking for good solid chili.  Nothing exotic or complex.  Just the basic cold-weather, game-watching, standard chili.  So I gave the simple recipe a go.  Not unlike my experience with chocolate chip cookies, it happened that without even trying I had struck chili gold.

I wish this recipe were more elaborate, that the ingredients were less canned, but honestly, the results are so tasty I don’t let it get to me.  I hope you won’t either.  There are some chili purists out there who will pass this chili recipe up because it’s not authentic enough, it’s not from scratch enough, or it’s not difficult enough.  That would be their loss.  If, however, you are after the best-tasting results possible, then this is the chili for you.

I made this season’s first batch of chili last week.  Upon tasting his first bite, Timm declared, “Oh sweet sweet holy Lord this is good.”  You know he wouldn’t lie.

A few notes.  There are three ingredients in this recipe that come from a can.  Go ahead and check your high standards at the door.

Two cans of diced tomatoes with garlic, basil, and oregano.

One can of Rotel diced tomatoes and green chilies, which come in original or mild.

THREE cans of chili beans {only two are pictured here}, which come in mild {on the right} and medium {on the left}.

You can mix and match the heat index on these ingredients to your particular liking.  I use mild Rotel, two medium chili beans, and one mild chili beans.  This is just the right amount of heat for our family.  Spicy enough for the adults, but not too spicy for the kids.  It’s juuuuuust right.

This recipe also has bacon in it because, in the words of my sweet husband, bacon makes everything better.

And finally, the actually flavoring comes from two packages of McCormick chili seasonings.

I know, I know, it’s terrible.  I should be above using the pre-fab chili seasoning mix, but I’m not.  It’s so good I shamelessly put my chili in the hands of a ridiculous package of premixed spices.  Don’t judge me.

The finished chili hits the spot.  But are you ready to take your chili to the next level?

Around our house we wouldn’t dream of eating a bowl of chili without three key ingredients:  grated cheddar cheese, sour cream, and Fritos.  In fact, Timm will insist that guests in our home who are eating this chili for the first time try it his way.  He offers them a full money-back guarantee, but so far no one has had to ask for a refund.

Trust me.  Try it.  Your chili palate will thank you.

This chili can be made ahead, refrigerated, and reheated when you are ready to eat.  In fact, it is even better this way because the flavors have a chance to mesh together and form an even greater chili flavor experience.

Whip up a pot of chili, crank out some World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies, and you have yourself a party waiting to happen.  Just in time for Halloween weekend!

Click below to download and print the recipe.



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6 Responses to Weeknight Wonders {Chili}

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  2. Joyce says:

    When you work every day, you need delicious AND simple. I will make this in the crock for tonight’s dinner, as I have the ingredients on hand. Delicious doesn’t always come from scratch and there are no awards handed out in the house for slaving over dinner every night!

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  4. Sandra says:

    Sounds GOOD to me…I’m ALL for those chili ready mix spices…the easier the better…I’m with ‘Annoymous’….they’ve ALL been good. Serving the Tortilla Soup to Table #5 of my Ladies’ Bible study manana. I have to sub some here, but it’s still good!
    Love to my kiddos!

  5. Rachelle says:

    Your posts make my mouth water.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just in time! Haven´t missed any of the recipies and I´ve cooked them all. And, you must know. . . my family and friends have loved them!
    Thanks and keep going.
    Your number 1 Fan

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