I’m not really feeling a grand entrance or a trumpet fanfare or a boisterous announcement.  A whisper seems more my speed.  So this is me, in my very quietest, teeny-tiny whisper voice, letting you know that I’m here again, back after a year-long hiatus, ready to put my thoughts in a tangible format.

A year has past since last I penned a post.  And, as would be expected, a lot of life has transpired.  If you are (or, rather, were) a regular reader, then you know how treacherous the events of 2011 were for me, spanning both extremes of the emotional spectrum, leaving my heart ragged, panting, spent.

In contrast, 2012 was thankfully a year of settling in.  Turning new corners.  Exhaling in some ways, rising to unforeseen challenges in others.

I began leading worship at our church in January, which I had not done professionally for over a decade.

We moved into a new house in April, leaving behind the Hurley House and four years of sweet memories in a very special home.  Our new home was a breeze to settle in to, and for me it felt like home almost instantly.

In May, my job transitioned from part-time to almost full-time, and the scope shifted to include overseeing the entire Sunday morning experience on a weekly basis and planning and executing a monthly all-church lunch.

We took a family beach vacation in August, our first since 2007 when I was pregnant with Norah (who is now five!).

We enrolled our older two children in public school, leaving behind a five-sememster season of homeschooling.

The most significant change in our family, and I’m not being sarcastic in the least when I say this, came when our youngest became potty-trained and earned her big-girl bed.  After ten years of having babies, I am fairly confident 2012 will remain in my mind as the year we stopped buying diapers and became a crib-free home.


Oh, and we got a puppy for Christmas.  Henry.  He’s not so much in the “exhale” category for 2012, but he’s super sweet.

Last January I told myself that once homeschooling was done for the spring, then I would have time to blog again. Homeschooling came to an end in May, but then my job exploded, and the blog had to wait.

So I told myself that at the end of the summer, once the older two were in school, then surely I would have time to blog.  School started and I discovered first-hand how having kids in school does not make life more simple.  It somehow has the opposite effect.  I still can’t fully figure out why this is true, but it is.  So, once again, the blog had to wait as I learned how to manage school plus job plus family.

And now it’s January again, and goodness gracious what does a girl have to do to find a few hours each week to write a few posts? Sigh.

The part I find interesting is that all year my mind kept operating in blog format.  Meaning, as I went about my business, I kept having ideas for posts, writing introductory paragraphs in my mind, coming up with new things to share, editing sentences as I fell asleep.  So, in a really abstract way, the blog kept going in my mind…it just never materialized here.

After a year of watching how life never really settles down the way I expect it should, I think I have decided to stop waiting for the perfect time to incorporate blogging back into my life.  Huge open windows of time may never materialize.  It’s my responsibility to listen to my heart and pursue the things that call out to me, even when life is overflowing.

So, here I go.  Again.  No promises or plans.  Just a quiet reentry, giddy with hope and excitement to see what happens next.  It’s good to be back.

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4 Responses to Whispering

  1. Kayli says:

    I love getting to see your heart through this blog. So so so glad you are “back.”

  2. sarah newburn says:

    yippee, so glad you posted again! hope you post more weeknight wonder meals! ;)

  3. Sarah Wolfe says:

    Just randomly happen to check back in here. So glad to see you writing again… look forward to reading :)

  4. Ashlee Mason says:

    So very happy to see you blogging again! Love you and wishing your family happiness as 2013 gets under way!

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