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Weeknight Wonders {King Ranch Casserole}

One of the benefits of picking up the blog after unexpectedly taking a year off, is that there are several posts just waiting for me in my draft folder.  It kind of feels like blog Christmas.  Or when kids find … Continue reading

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Happy happy.

Happy Friday!  Happy Spring! At the top of my Spring To-Do List is the bi-annual closet turn over.  I get to pack away those bulky sweaters and tired corduroys (which will transform back into “cozy” and “adorable” come September) and … Continue reading

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Wardrobe Dreams

How do you spend an unexpectedly cold and rainy Wednesday in April? Me?  I imagine what I’d wear to the office.  You know, if I had an office.  And a job.  And an unlimited wardrobe budget. It’s important to maintain … Continue reading

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Potatoes au Gratin

Today I am sharing with you what I like to call a miracle recipe.  Why is it a miracle?  Oh.  You’ll see. First, some elocution guidelines.  Texans usually pronounce this dish, “poh-TAY-tohs aw GRAHT-un.”  As in, “Did you have some … Continue reading

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Wedding Week (the event)

I hope you have enjoyed hearing all the wedding details this week as much as I have enjoyed sharing them.  The paper, the decorations, the bridal wardrobe, the attendants’ attire…it all has led up to right now!  Today we are … Continue reading

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Wedding Week (flowers and decorations)

Gosh I love decorations and party details.  You know it’s true.  Half the posts on this blog have to do with all the insane details that make special events extra special.  You can imagine how much fun Rachel and I … Continue reading

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Wedding Week (attendant attire)

The title for today’s post is a teensy bit misleading because there technically weren’t any formal attendants in the Hopkins-Webb wedding.  When you only have thirty people attending the wedding, everyone sort of becomes an attendant in one way or … Continue reading

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Wedding Week (the bridal attire)

Are we having fun?  I know I am!  Yesterday’s post was all about the amazing wedding paper.  Today we dive right into the good stuff…the fun stuff…the beautiful stuff.  The bridal attire. Rachel started out with a fairly clear vision … Continue reading

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Wedding Week {the paper}

Welcome to Wedding Week!  I am so excited to share all the luscious details from Patrick and Rachel’s wedding with you. Fair warning.  Over the course of this week I am going to post an insane amount of wedding-related images … Continue reading

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The Leftovers

Happy Friday!  I have had so much fun this week showing you around the new website.  Monday I shared WRITING, Tuesday we covered SINGING, Wednesday we did a little COOKING, Thursday we talked about FAMILY, and today is all about … Continue reading

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