Let’s Sing!

Thank you for all the welcome-back love!  Your warm response made me smile.  It’s good to be back.

Quick note.  I am aware of the glitch in my email subscription notification system, and am working to get it resolved.  You can still subscribe, but you won’t receive notifications until the glitch is fixed, which hopefully will be in the next day or two.  Normally I would have this sort of thing fixed toot sweet, but as luck would have it, the inter-webs are down at our house, and it was determined today that a technician must come pay us a visit, but he can’t get here until tomorrow, and with Timm out of town I am playing the role of single mother and spinning lots of different plates all day, and as a result I have been doing all my blogging this week from Chick-Fil-A because they have free wifi and a playground.  The free-wifi-playground combo is a rare find.  Thank you, Chick-Fil-A for being awesome.

Real life over here, folks.  Lots and lots of real life.

Moving on.


Today’s post (brought to you from my favorite booth with a playground view) is going to highlight the second category you see up on my main menu bar:  SINGING.

I love to sing.  I’ve done it for a lot of years, as long as I can remember actually.  I love to write songs, and I especially love to sing my songs for people who are interested in listening for a spell.  So, singing is going to be a part of what you will find here on my blog.  Well, not actual singing.  But posts about singing.

Yesterday I pointed out the Online Store button on the side bar, but it bears repeating here.  If you would like to purchase a copy of my CD, With My Song, the online store is here to serve you.  Right now that’s my only product, but who knows what you may find soon.  So mysterious…

To answer the most frequently asked musical question I receive, yes, I do want to record another CD.  Desperately.  I have fifteen years of unrecorded material to work with over here, so maybe I should think about recording a boxed set.  Kidding.

What would it take to put out another CD?  Two things:  funding and time.  Time I have in abundance, thanks to recent developments (see yesterday’s post).  Funding?  Well, that is another issue altogether.  Maybe Chick-fil-a will become my corporate sponsor and fund my next musical endeavor.  Crazier things have happened.

Next, I would like to direct your eyes to the button on the right labeled “How to Book Me.”

“Katherine, book you?  For what?  What are your available services?”

Reader, I’m so very glad you asked.  I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve, but in the context of this blog, you can book me for all sorts of musical services.

Actually, let me give you a little real life example along with a few visual aids.

This past weekend I led worship for the women’s retreat of a local church.  The retreat was at a facility about an hour away, and there were four sessions over the course of three days and two nights.  I led this lovely group of ladies in worship, and it was such a pleasant experience.


They made the cutest song books for everyone to use and keep.


Before every session I wrote the songs on the board that we were going to sing.  It was a very low-tech event, which I found absolutely wonderful and refreshing.  Sometimes it’s good to have hard copies and use actual writing utensils instead of slides and virtual connections.  Sometimes it’s good to remember the rapturous joy found in writing on a giant dry erase board.  The smell.  The squeak.  The colors.

IMG_0879I even got to include one of my original worship songs as part of the line-up.  Hearing a group of people singing my words is even better than writing on a giant dry erase board.


And look how well the colors of the song book coordinated with my CD cover.  Magical.

In addition to leading worship, I also had the opportunity to give a mini-concert on Saturday night.

IMG_0874Here I am during the mini-concert, telling my stories and singing my songs.  I loved every minute.

So, what does this mean for you?  Well, maybe nothing.  And that’s ok.  We can still be friends.

But, maybe you are on the planning committee for an organization that might require live worship for one of its events.  I can do that!

Or maybe you are getting married and need special music for your special day.  I can do that!

Or maybe you like live music and would be interested in hosting a living room concert for you and a handful of your closest friends.  I can do that!

Or maybe you are the booking agent for a really kicking venue and would like to book me for a huge concert with a full band, symphony orchestra, gospel choir, and exotic pyrotechnic effects.  I can definitely do that!

See?  So many musical offerings, covering an assortment of hypothetical situations, and all you have to do is click the “Book Me” button to get the ball rolling!

Tune in tomorrow for a tasty treat…

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  3. Nikki Anderson says:

    awwww….hymns….glorious hymns.

  4. Sarah Wolfe says:

    Will you come play for me while I’m having my quiet time in the morning ;) ? Wouldn’t that be glorious?

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