Let’s Cook!

Good morning!  Guess where I am?  NOT at Chick-fil-a!  The Inter-webs are back and running at home, and I am so thankful for exceptionally kind technicians like Davor.  He and his assistant could not have been more courteous.  I loved their can-do attitude, and the fact that when they left, they gave me their phone number in case something went wrong after they left.

I didn’t intend to write a service technician review, but it looks like I just did.

And now, on to today’s post, which is all about the first category you see up there on the old menu bar:




If you have spent any time on this website, you know cooking is kind of one of my major things, and sharing recipes and helpful hints is a huge part of this blog.  If you click on the “Cooking” category on the menu bar, it will bring up all the posts about cooking, ordered according to date.

If you look on the right-hand side of this page, you will see a cute blue and white button that says, “Let’s Cook!”  If you click on that, you will be directed to an index page that contains all the recipes I have posted.

Today, I want to share a recipe with you that is simple, but incredibly delicious.  Cinnamon-Sugar Bagel Chips. These little bits of scrumptiousness are now a part of our regular after-school snack rotation.  And part of my next-day coffee break rotation.  So so good.

Let’s do this.


You will need three cinnamon raisin bagel, and you will want them to be a bit stale (leave them out overnight).  Personally, my favorite bagel brand is Einstein’s (available at Target!), but use what you like.


Using a serrated knife, slice each bagel down the middle so that you have two C-shaped halves (like the piece pictured on the right).  Then slice each C-shaped half into four thin pieces (like the ones pictured on the left).  You will have 24 pieces (I’m good at math).


Lay the pieces out in a single layer on sheet pan that has been lined with a piece of parchment paper.

DSC_7600Take some sugar and some cinnamon…


…and mix them together well.


Melt the butter in a small bowl, and grab a pastry brush.


Brush each piece with some melted butter, and then sprinkle with some of the cinnamon sugar.  Bake at 325 for 10 minutes.

Remove the pan from the oven, and carefully flip each piece over.  Brush the backsides with butter, sprinkle with more cinnamon sugar, and then bake for an additional 10 minutes.  
Remove the pan from the oven, and allow the bagel chips to cool completely on the tray (or, if you’re like me, dive right in).  
I’m telling you, these things are amazing.  And they will keep in an air-tight container for several weeks, which makes them a great food-type gift for teachers or friends or the mailman.  
bagel chips
There you have it…COOKING!  
Three down, two to go.  See you back tomorrow for more fun with categories!
Click below for a printable version of the recipe.

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  2. Sarah Wolfe says:

    Looks yummy. I love cinnamon sugar anything :)

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