How’s everyone doing today?  I’m not going to lie.  Doing five posts in five days has been quite a shock to my system after not posting for over a year.  But I’m pressing onward.  Working the plan.  Seeing the finish line and gaining momentum.  I really am having fun…loving every minute!

We’ve talked about WRITING.  We’ve talked about SINGING.  We’ve talked about COOKING.

And today I am excited to intro another one of my new categories:  FAMILY.


It’s not complicated, this category.  It’s quite self-explanatory, simple, and user-friendly.  No fancy buttons or indexes needed here.  Family posts are about…my family.

I love my family, and if you spend any amount of time reading my past family-related posts from this blog, you will learn that in our house family is not defined solely by blood.  Family are the people who love you best.  This includes my husband, my four children (Annie, Jake, Norah, and Lillian), Rachel, and a lot of other people who you will meet along the way.

Let’s be honest.  Most of the posts in this category are going to center around the four sweet, lovely, wonderful, never-do-anything-wrong cherubs that call me Mommy.

Baseball kids

Just look at those faces.

I won’t do a full recap of all their comings and goings over the past 14 months (you’re welcome), but as a brief introduction, here is a quick look at each of the Sasser children.

Annie CandleAnnie, the oldest, turned ten this January, and entering the double digits was a very big deal.  Note the side ponytail and pink earrings.  So very grown up.  Yet, she is still incredibly loving, caring, kind, and can read on an eighth grade level.

Jake watchingJake, our second oldest child and our only son, is almost nine and wonderfully imaginative and creative.  He loves sharks, dinosaurs, digging for fossils, World War II, and can put holes in the knees of his jeans faster than anyone I know.

Norah stickNorah.  Goodness gracious.  See that look on her face?  See that stick she’s carrying?  See those pearls she’s wearing with her shorts and t-shirt on a hot summer day?  This picture speaks volumes about our very special five-year-old.

Lillian swingAnd, then, at the end of the line, there is sweet Lillian Mae.  Three years old, naturally thankful, super affectionate, and talking with the cutest lisp, Lillian is a constant reminder of how much we have to be thankful for, as well as a bitter-sweet reminder of how quickly our little ones are no longer so little.  Stop growing!!!

Lillian sunglasses

This year little Lillian got a snazzy new haircut (chin-length bob with bangs), which suits her so well, and as you can see, has encouraged her natural flair to shine through.

I look forward to posting about the adventures of these four and the ways they are growing, changing, and challenging us.  There is always something interesting going on around here.  Birthday parties.  Ballet recitals.  Baseball games.  Plus all the holiday highlights.

Thanksgiving KidsFor example, Thanksgiving.

Christmas KidsAnd, of course, Christmas.  (Why is it so difficult to get everyone to look at the camera and smile without looking odd?)

Christmas Card PhotoThis is my family.  Or, at least, the part that lives in the same house with me and Husband.  There’s a whole chapter being written about the part of our family who currently lives in Austin. (Get excited.  Details coming tomorrow!)

Four down.  One to go.  Stop back in tomorrow for more fun!







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4 Responses to Family.

  1. Denise says:

    Loved the kids photos and the birth announcements- especially Nora’s red nail polish. :)
    Looking forward to the wedding post!

    • katherine says:

      Thank you! Isn’t it fun to relive the wedding? I am loving looking at all the pictures again! Can’t wait for you to see the rest of the posts this week…

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  3. Sarah Wolfe says:

    You ( we) are blessed with all these little ones. Yours are adorable :)

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