The Leftovers

Happy Friday!  I have had so much fun this week showing you around the new website.  Monday I shared WRITING, Tuesday we covered SINGING, Wednesday we did a little COOKING, Thursday we talked about FAMILY, and today is all about LIVING!

categorylogoWhat is LIVING?  That is a really, really good question.

Let me try to explain.

There is a category of topics here on my blog that do not fall into any of the other well-defined areas.  I would call this category crafts/projects/hints/ideas/organizing/beauty/home, but that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue very well.  And so, all these types of things constitute the menagerie of topics you will find in the LIVING posts.

I think it will make more sense if we just dive in.

Today I have a little project/idea I want to share with you.  But, as with most things in my life, there is a back story.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have four kids.  I birthed four babies in six years, and only just now (ten years) do I feel like we have exited the baby stage.  Everyone is potty-trained, sleeps in a big bed, and can get their own snacks.  For a while, there was a survival mentality to mothering.  Just keep your head down, press on, do what needs to be done, and come up for breath when you can.

I started out with all sorts of romanticized ideals about how I wanted things to be.  Most of these ideals were based in my own messed up sense of identity and pride, and graciously the Father used my children to slough off many of the lies I was believing.  There was (and still is) one area where I have always held an exceptionally strong sense of purpose and intentionality, and without intending to self-congratulate, I managed to execute successfully with all four babies.

I had their pictures taken regular intervals for the first year of their life.

If you have children you know what a big deal this is.  Sure, it’s easy with the first one.  But by the time the third or fourth one comes around, the game has changed.  But I did it.  I have photos of all my babies at three months, six months, nine months, and one year.  All but two of the sixteen portraits were taken at Target.  You heard right.  Target…the place where you can buy cereal, underwear, and a lamp all in the same trip.  Turns out you can also get some really great photos taken for not much money if you know how to work the system (be firm about only using the solid background, always take a coupon, refuse all but one or two poses).

Which brings us (finally) back to the point of this post.  Here I am, ten years into it, thankful for whatever gumption I had along the way which now affords me the opportunity to have in my possession some really lovely portraits of my children.  But what do I do with them?  It’s nice to pull them out and look at them from time to time, but I wanted more.

Last year I figured out a solution that is working for me.

I framed an 8X10 print of each child from when they were either six or nine months old, and I hung them in my house where I now see their sweet baby faces every day.  It seems so obvious, but I am exceptionally picky about the kinds of things that I hang on our walls, and don’t kid yourself…framing things takes an inordinate amount of time and effort, not to mention the cost involved.  I figured out, for me, that I like very thickly matted frames in some sort of a mixed-metallic hue.  I found my frames at Michael’s when they were 40% off.  And I tackled this project when my children were off at their grandparents’ house and my husband was in Africa.

I took the whole thing one step further and framed a copy of each of their baby announcements in a smaller frame and hung this above the portraits.

Take a look.

DSC_7665Annie’s portrait (that little bench was mine when I was growing up)…

DSC_7666…and birth announcement (it’s probably wrong to have a favorite, but I love this announcement so much).

DSC_7667Jake’s portrait (look at that baby bird hair!!!)…

DSC_7669…and his birth announcement.

DSC_7660Norah’s portrait (don’t get me started on how much I love this photo)…

DSC_7658…and her birth announcement.

DSC_7671Lillian’s portrait (which is one of the ones not taken at Target)…

DSC_7672…and her birth announcement.

And here’s how they look in our dining room slash entry.


DSC_7664I pass by these photos every day.  I get to remember how it all started, what their baby faces used to look like.

I also love noticing the similarities and differences in the choices we made for their birth announcement wording, whether they were hand-made or ordered from a professional, how we only listed our other children on one of the announcements, and how even though my youngest’s “portrait” is actually a snapshot taken on a friend’s couch, she is wearing a monogrammed smoked dress which none of the other three ever had.  It all evens out in the end.

LIVING looks like a lot of things.  Today is looks like framing baby pictures and birth announcements and hoping that this idea serves to encourages you.  Who knows what it will look like next time.  There is a button the right sidebar that says “Let’s Chat!”  Here is where you can find an index of all the fun things we talk about in this category.

We’ve reached the end of our official website tour.  I’ve had so much fun!

Now what?  Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo-weeeeeee, I am so excited to tell you!!!

Next week.

Next week.

NEXT WEEK!!!!  IS!!!!  WEDDING!!!!!!!! WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On December 10, 2011, our sweet Rachel married Patrick and they had their wedding in our home.  It was (and still is) one of the most sacred, beautiful, memorable, emotional experiences of my life to date.  And I never shared the details with you here because I began working right after the wedding and had to put the blog on the shelf.

But the blog is so off the shelf, and I am all kinds of ready to dive head first into all the details that made this day so special.  Monday can’t come soon enough!  Have a lovely weekend…



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  1. Carolyn Goetz says:

    Welcome back! Katherine, I was so thrilled when I saw your first blog…I’ve missed you and look forward to your many funs posts.
    Love ya!

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