Wedding Week {the paper}

0001WWWelcome to Wedding Week!  I am so excited to share all the luscious details from Patrick and Rachel’s wedding with you.

Fair warning.  Over the course of this week I am going to post an insane amount of wedding-related images paired with a steady stream of incredibly sappy words.  If you aren’t interested in seeing scads of photos about an event that happened, oh, fifteen months ago, and don’t care to have that event broken down into categories, and each category divulged in as much graphic and emotional detail as possible, I totally understand.

But, if you think you might have even a hint of interest, I’d love for you to stick around and take a peek at all the very special details surrounding a very special day.

Let’s get started!

You can meet Rachel here

…relive her engagement to Patrick here….

…and see details from one of her wedding showers here.

Rachel and Patrick had a very clear vision for the kind of event they wanted their wedding to be:  intimate, creative, and full of handmade touches.

They chose a date (December 10, 2011).  They chose a place (our home).  And they made their guest list (30 people…total).  There were a few motifs that Rachel wanted to weave into all the elements…a winter white and mixed metallic color theme, hymn paper, silhouettes of the bride and groom, and handwritten letters.

Rachel has a special place in her heart for all things paper-related.  She is an incredible crafter, and to receive a letter or package in the mail from her is to receive a personalized work of art.  So, her wedding invitations had to be nothing less than spectacular.

DSC_7715These are all the paper elements from their wedding.  Can we take a moment of silence to breath in all this beauty?  It really is stunning.  I know I’m incredibly biased, but I don’t care.  I love it so much.

DSC_7716This card in the middle, (“the love of God is greater far than tongue or pen could ever tell”), became the central theme and overarching message for the wedding.


The first thing people saw when they received their invitation in the mail was a beautifully hand-calligraphied, gray, A9 envelope, written with white ink.  The amazing Lauren Essl of Blue Eye Brown Eye is the artist and creative genius behind all the hand-lettered elements you will see .  Stunning work.


Each envelope had a handmade silver and ivory liner, and the beautiful invitation elements were tucked inside.


The entire package was bound with a pretty metallic ribbon and garnished with a hymn-paper heart.


This is the actual invitation.  The ink colors were an antique gold and a dark grey, printed on ivory card.  All the printed elements were designed and produced by Lola Lorena, an exceptionally talented husband-wife team who are as kind and friendly as they are gifted in the arts of paper.


Such a pretty and perfect representation of the tone of the event.

An enclosed card had the printed hymn lyric on one side which could be tucked away for keeping.
On the back of the hymn card were some specifics about when to arrive, what to wear (winter evening finery), the post-ceremony events (cocktails and photos will take place at the Hurley House following the ceremony), and the reception (a celebratory dinner will begin at 7:30 at Ellerbe Fine Foods).  Also included were instruction for the guests to share a sentiment with Rachel and Patrick on the enclosed card.


Since the guest list was so small, there really wasn’t a need for a formal reply card.  Instead Rachel and Patrick provided each guest with a pre-addressed stamped envelope (using vintage stamps) and a blank card for them to pop in the mail with any well-wishes or sweet sentiments they wanted to share with the bride and groom.  Patrick and Rachel received a treasure of hand-written cards from their friends and family to tuck away as part of their wedding collection.

Each card had a hand-drawn, hand-cut banner that read, “Dear Patrick and Rachel.”
The envelope was hand addressed with a hand-drawn, hand-cut banner that read, “the Bride and Groom.”
And each reply envelope was lined with a  hand-made hymn paper liner.  These are the kinds of touches that exemplify the artistic detail Rachel brings to everything she does.
Lola-Lorena also designed and printed the wedding programs…
…which coordinated seamlessly with the invitation.
One of the elements of the wedding ceremony was a congregational recitation of the Heidelberg Catechism, which was printed in full on the back of the program.
As an added component to round out the wedding paper suite, Rachel and Patrick had thank you notes printed using their silhouette images, their new shared last name, and all same colors as the invitation and program.
Creative.  Lovely.  Personal.  Thoughtful.  Awesome.
Upon arriving at the wedding, each guest found three things on their seat:  a program, a hand-written thank-you letter from Rachel and Patrick, and a tiny personalized grey envelope.  Inside each teensy weensy envelope was a cute little card stamped with the bride and groom’s new address.  Darling detail.  And, tell me.  How many weddings have you attended where you received a love letter from the bride and groom?  Exactly.  So special and heart-felt.
DSC_7690At dinner, each person had a hand-lettered grey place card.  Mine may or may not have a permanent home on my dressing table because I think it is so pretty and such a lovely reminder of such a special occasion.
Are you in paper love?  I know I am.  As far as using paper to set the tone for an event, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it done better.  I will probably say this at least twenty more times over the course of this week, but one of my favorite things about such a small wedding was all the outrageous attention to detail that they gave to every touch, every piece, every person.  It was unreal.  
You know what else is unreal?  The bridal attire.  Which is what we will get to look at tomorrow!  See you then for more Wedding Week fun!

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  4. So fun to see Rachel and Patrick’s wedding suite. It is always a pleasure to work with people with a unique sense of style and creativity to match! Thanks for the shout out… and congratulations on your “new” blog. Wishing you all the best in 2013!

  5. Ashlee Mason says:

    Seriously, just lovely. I love the hymn paper the best – you sang that song at our wedding :)

  6. Flora says:

    I’m loving your posts even if they are of events from 15 months ago. I can’t wait to read more. Welcome back!

    • katherine says:

      Thank you, Flora! It is so fun to be back, and to hear from people like you who are always so encouraging.

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