Wedding Week (attendant attire)

0001WWThe title for today’s post is a teensy bit misleading because there technically weren’t any formal attendants in the Hopkins-Webb wedding.  When you only have thirty people attending the wedding, everyone sort of becomes an attendant in one way or another.

But, there were some special wardrobe decisions made for a few key people.  And these are the things I want to show you today.

First, let me state that everyone who attended the wedding looked fabulous.  If you remember from the invitation, the dress code was “winter evening finery.”  There were all sorts of beautiful dresses and stunning suits.

WebbWedding-401 WebbWedding-397A very good-looking group of people, if you ask me.


There was also, of course, jewelry involved.  Mostly wedding bands, but also a very special pair of cuff links.


If you look in the top shadow box, you will see the cuff links (along with the bow tie and flower he wore).

Ready for a really sweet story?

When Rachel was six, her dad was diagnosed with ALS.  When she was eleven, he died.  Before he passed away, her dad purchased a pearl ring for Rachel to receive on her sixteenth birthday.  The card from her dad that accompanied the ring said, “From the first man who ever loved you.”  On their wedding day, Rachel gave Patrick the cuff links that had belonged to her dad.  The card from Rachel that accompanied the cuff links said, “For the man that will love me forever.”


The man that will love her forever wore those cuff links well on their wedding day.

WebbWedding-363Patrick looked groom-a-rific in his grey suit, crisp white dress shirt, and perfectly-executed black bow tie.  So dapper, classic, sharp.

WebbWedding-244The other man of the day, my husband Timm, also wore a bow tie.  A gift from Rachel, his was a grey flannel version that almost didn’t make it because, if you’ve ever tried to tie anything made out of flannel (imagine trying to tie a quilt), then you can identify with the challenges we faced.  And I say “we” because there were at least three of us with nimble fingers and exceptional fine motor skills who gave it a go.  I can’t recall who eventually succeeded, but after much fretting and a little bit of nervous sweating, the bow was tied, and he looked smashing.  I want to show you full shots of how handsome Timm looked all dressed up for the wedding, but every shot I have of him is taken with Rachel, and I want to save those special photos for Friday.  Trust me, though, he looked gooooo-ooood.

Given that Rachel and Patrick didn’t have traditional bridesmaids and groomsmen, they also didn’t have flower girls or ring bearers.  But that didn’t stop us from feeling the need to come up with something fabulous for my four little lambs to wear for the special day.  Plus, dressing my children for special occasions is one of my spiritual gifts.

One day, while flipping through a copy of Martha Stewart Weddings, Rachel found this photograph:

kids-0811mwd107282_xlI remember looking at the photo, looking up at Rachel, and then saying, “Let’s do this.”  It was exactly the kind of inspiration we were looking for, and I loved everything about it.  The long taffeta skirt.  The buttoned cardigan tucked in.  The decorative collar tied on top of the sweater.

WebbWedding-255And so, we made it happen.

WebbWedding-249Rachel found a seamstress on Etsy who custom made the skirts to perfectly fit each girl.  (We laughed so hard at Lillian’s measurements because her “waist” measurement was larger than her length measurement.  Sweet baby girl.)  The girls’ skirts were pewter, floor-length, silk…

WebbWedding-251…with a giant sash that tied in the back.

WebbWedding-247The ivory jewel-buttoned cardigans and the jewel-studded tied collars both came from crewcuts by JCrew.

WebbWedding-245They looked so cute.  And also kind of hilarious when you notice how this one’s sash is up under her arms.  That’s what happens when you’re two years old and don’t have a waist.  (Love you, Lillian!)

WebbWedding-253For Jake (so handsome!), we found grey wool dress pants, a white oxford button down, and a black velvet vest from Janie and Jack.  And (of course) a black velvet bow tie.  However, his came pre-tied, so it was much easier to fasten than dad’s.

Guess what I did a really poor job of doing.  Taking pictures of what I wore.  I have a few action shots of myself that you will see on Friday, but I really don’t have a good posed picture where you can clearly see what I wore.  But I can tell you about it!

I loved my silvery-grey dress, and I loved how glamorous, yet comfortable, I felt in it.  It had a draped neckline, a jeweled waistband, and a softly pleated below-the-knee skirt.  My favorite part of my outfit was my shoes (silver glitter peep-toe sling-back heels with silver glitter bows at the toe).  My second favorite part about my outfit was the faux fur stole (a gift from Rachel’s mother) that I wore slung over my shoulders, all drapey and wonderful and warm.

Getting dressed up is half the fun of a fancy occasion, and everyone at this fancy shin-dig looked amazing.

I’ve shown you the paper.  I’ve shown you what the bride wore.  And today I showed you what the rest of us wore.  Tomorrow I am going to share all the decorations and flowers that were a part of the special day.  Can’t wait!

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