Easter {2013} and a Milestone

First, the milestone.  Today is my 100th post!  One hundred little nuggets.  One hundred tiny tales.  One hundred specks of sparkle cast out into the vast sea of cyber-space.

I’m usually very good slash obsessive about anticipating and planning for grand events, but this one wasn’t even on my radar until after I published yesterday’s post.  And it’s too bad, because it would have been fun to do a giveaway or something special to celebrate today.  But since I don’t have anything at the ready, I think I will just surprise you one day with a belated 100th Post Party.  Look at me being all casual and not caring about the timing.  So low-maintenace and laid back.  (My husband just read those words and did a spit-take.)

We had a lovely Easter!  How was yours?

It was fun to hear from several of you about your plans to serve some of my recipes at your Easter gatherings!  Potatoes au Gratin, Potato Casserole and Herb Marinated Shrimp were the ones I heard about.  I’d love to know how everything turned out, so drop me a comment!

And now for the pictures.

First, a few from when we dyed eggs with Rachel a few weeks back.

Easter Eggs 1

Easter Eggs 2

Easter Eggs 3

Easter Eggs 4So pretty.

Upon waking Sunday morning, our kids ran in and said, “Good morning, Mommy!  Happy Easter!  He is risen!”  To which I replied, “He is risen indeed!”  It’s one of those things Timm began teaching them when they could barely speak, and now those words have become part of their normal Easter vocabulary.  So even if they want to think it’s all about the candy, there rote greetings declare otherwise.

Easter Morning 5

We enjoyed a special Easter breakfast with our little bunnies.  Guess which one is in character.

Easter Morning 6

Everyone got dressed in their carefully coordinated and meticulously styled outfits, and we went to worship and celebrate our risen Savior!

Easter Morning 7After church we joined some friends for a barbecue in their back yard on a beautiful spring day.  Please fully drink in my husband’s dapper seersucker suit, festive yellow bow tie, dashing glasses, and well-groomed mustache.  Is he not a debonair picture of classic Easter fashion?

It was a lovely day with friends and family, remembering that because He died and rose, we can live.

He is risen!  He is risen indeed!

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4 Responses to Easter {2013} and a Milestone

  1. Heather says:

    Jake is getting so tall! Wow! This family picture is fabulous. You all look beautiful.

  2. Jess says:

    The marinated shrimp was delicious! Katie, who had lived with us last year, was over for Easter lunch and joked about how sadly we never made it for dinners when she lived here. Also, it was so quick and easy to pop on the grill after service. We were not waiting for a long time to have lunch.

    By the way your family photo is picturesque! Beautifully classic! And Timm’s suit is the definition of an Easter suit.

  3. Ashlee Mason says:

    We just ate Poppyseed Chicken last night and it was a hit! Wyatt even asked for seconds :) Love your sweet, dapper family on Easter. I wish I could get Jonathan to wear a bowtie and seersucker!

  4. Brittany says:

    I gave my mother-in-law your potatoes au gratin recipe and kindly suggested that she make it for our Easter lunch. :) They turned out great! In fact, I’ll be eating them for leftovers at lunch today.

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