Friday Favorite {week 1}


Fridays are full of fun!  And starting today, Fridays will be all about awarding a gold star to my favorite thing from the web for the week.  It’s kind of going to be like a my own weekly awards show!

Today’s Friday Favorite comes to you from…Not Without Salt!

(applause applause applause.  swelling music.  humble acceptance speech.  smug looks from other blogs.  celebrity after-party.)

I found Not Without Salt literally three days ago, and I was hooked.  Besides having a great title, the photos are beautiful, the content is killer, and the recipes look like the real deal.

Specifically, the gold star this week is awarded to Wednesday’s post from Not Without Salt.  Please pop over and read it.  I think it’s pretty fabulous.  It is my favorite piece of the web this week because…

1.  The post is from a series called Dating My Husband.  What’s not to love?

2.  I’m already cheering for this girl.  She shares some really big news, and I found myself welling up with pride and excitement (for a complete stranger!) as she told me all about it.

3.  The dessert featured in the post is gold-star-worthy all by itself.

4.  She references Bird by Bird, and I feel a special kind of kinship to people who have read and love that book.

5.  Her exciting news, which I won’t spoil here, grew out of something she was already doing as a part of her normal life.  I love when passionate pursuits turn into profitable projects.  I also love alliteration.

This post hit all the right notes for me.  I smiled.  I cried happy tears.  I was inspired.  I can’t wait to cook an absurdly complicated dessert.  Heck, it was better than Cats.  A gold star is well-deserved!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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3 Responses to Friday Favorite {week 1}

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  2. Heather says:

    I may just be hooked on this blog! Great find Katherine. I have just learned how to make Baguettes. What a treat with a Weeknight Wonder :) My family is going to wander what has gotten into me. Oh and BTW- no more oatmeal packets for us anymore, only the real stuff!! I am inspired.

  3. Ashley says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m so honored. I LOVE gold stars! Thank you!! So happy you found me.

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