Friday Favorite {week 2}

friday favorite logoI would like to submit an amendment to my previously outlined guidelines for Friday Favorite posts.  Last week I stated these posts would be my “favorite thing from the web from the past week.”  I would like to change that verbiage to “my favorite thing from the web that I found this past week.”  What’s the difference?  Date of publication.  If a post was published a year ago, but but I didn’t find it until this week, it is eligible to be a Friday Favorite post.  Everyone cool with that?  Awesome.

Glad we got the legalities of this silly thing out of the way.

Glad I take myself seriously enough to consider there might be legalities involved.


This week’s Friday Favorite is a post called 100 Rules of Dinner.  It is written by the husband-wife team from the website Dinner:  A Love Story (aka:  DALS).  The website is great, and I found this post to be particularly entertaining.  In fact, I was sitting at the table with two of my kids while reading this post, and could not stop laughing out loud.  They both rushed to look at the computer, and did not understand how a screen full of words was making me laugh.  But it was.  And I was.  Heartily.

I declared, “YES!” more than once while reading the list (#63, #11, #91).

I more than once thought, “I could be friends with these folks” (#38, #87, #3, #42).

I also audibly gasped and dropped my jaw at one item that I vehemently disagree with (#44).

This list is going in my favorites folder for future reference slash entertainment.  Gold star well-deserved by the DALS team.  Hope you enjoy this nugget as much as I did.

Have a wonderful weekend…

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  1. Denise says:

    Thanks for sharing the DALS website. Loved it!

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