A Day In the Life (Norah, Lillian, and Henry)

There are certain chapters in life that you just know aren’t going to stick around for very long.  I am currently in one of those chapters.

Norah is five.  Lillian is three.  Henry is a puppy.

In a few weeks, school will be over, and the older two will return to our daily lives.  In the fall, Norah will start kindergarten, and it will just be Lillian at home with me (and Henry).  This little dynamic we have going right now is fleeting quickly, never to return, and our days together have a unique flavor that is both funny and sweet.

Here are a few glimpses of how our days look.


We start our day by getting dressed.  Lillian is still figuring out how clothes work, and sometimes she comes in to ask me to help her unbutton her jeans so she can pull them up, while holding her underwear in her hand.  Getting dressed can be complicated.


Since the days have warmed up a bit, there is lots of outside playing.  Especially since the big kids aren’t around to see who plays with what.


Of course, we have to take care of our babies.  Shhhhhhhh.  This one is sleeping.


Without fail, there are always errands to run.  Target trips happen frequently, and this is our current cart configuration.  Lillian sits in the front, Norah in the back.  We always take advantage of the free cookie from the bakery.  Lillian likes her owl hat.


When left to their own creativity, these two come up with some awesome ideas and tricks.  This is a picture of Norah and Lillian performing their most recent trick called “The Candle.”  See how they have formed a candle together?  Makes me want to sing, “This Little Light of Mine.”


Some days we lounge a bit more than others.  Norah loves to stay in her pajamas.  Lillian usually changes into a costume of some sort.  Today she is Rapunzel.  And let me help you understand what’s happening in this photo.  Lillian is “reading” the NIV Worship Bible (which has zero pictures).  Norah is flipping through a cupcake cook book “handing out recipes to all her children” while sitting on a giant pillow throne.


What you see here is Norah using a recording toy microphone to capture clips of herself singing an original song, or reporting what just happened.  Her sign off is, “This is Norah Paige Sasser reporting live.”  I can legitimately see this being the beginning of a future career choice.


Hide and seek happens a lot.  The laundry hamper is Lillian’s go-to hiding place.


Lillian has a very special relationship with Henry.  Lillian has always been very…aggressive?…with her affection for things or people that she loves.  Violent kisses and strong hugs are a normal thing with her.  She extends this to Henry, and can be found on the ground with him, squeeling his name, taking his ears in her hands, pulling his face towards hers.  They are like two peas in a pod


I found her like this one evening after baths just whispering to him how much she loves him.


Sometimes all this love wears Henry out, and he finds a cozy hole to tuck away for a nap.  Norah likes to wrap him up in a blanket so he’s as comfortable as possible.


By the time we get in the car to go pick up the big kids, Lillian is wiped.  It takes about thirty seconds for her to assume her normal afternoon car posture.

My favorite part of our dynamic can’t be shown with a picture.  It happens in the conversations that go on between the two of them, made even cuter by Lillian’s sweet little lisp.  Norah is definitely the ring leader, and Lillian is her loyal subject.  Lillian doesn’t mind though.  She happily and gratefully accepts anything Norah gives her, and then compliments her for her kindness.  It goes something like this:

Lillian:  Noh-wah.  Noh-wah.

Norah:  What, Lillian?

Lillian:  Can I borrow your kitty?

Norah:  (Sigh.) I guess.  But just for naps.  Not for keeps.

Lillian:  Thank you, Noh-wah.  You are tho kind.

Norah is “tho kind,” and Lillian is “tho thweet.”  And I love these quickly-disappearing days we get to spend together.

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