Spinning Plates

Good Morning!

Have you ever seen an actual plate spinner?  I have, but only on television.  It was impressive.  The guy literally ran up and down a row of rods, each with a plate balanced on top, pausing to give the slower plates a quick reboot in order to keep them from falling and crashing.  I don’t recall how long he kept them all going, but it was exhausting to watch.

I am spinning a few plates as we speak.  And not the ones you might expect.  There’s a “usual” set of plates I spin every day as a mother of four, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.  I have some new and very exciting plates that I have begun to spin, and there is a very big announcement on the horizon!

Are you eager with curiosity?  Tantalized by suspense?  Giddy with anticipation?

I really can’t wait to tell you!  But not today, dear friend.

In 8 short days I will reveal it all to you.  Look for big news on May 1!

Until then, I ask for grace if it seems I am coasting here.  I may have to step away from this nicely spinning plate to run down the line and give some attention to the new plate that is gaining momentum.  Not to worry, though.  I won’t let you crash!


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3 Responses to Spinning Plates

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  2. Kayli says:

    I just caught up with your posts!! Sooo curious…and excited!

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