Drum Roll Please

The official day has arrived!  As I mentioned several times over the past couple of weeks, I have very big news to share with you today.  Are you ready?  Are you sure?  Here we go….

(Drum roll please.)

Today I am announcing my new business venture…HURLEY HOUSE!!!


(Shouts of glee.  Popping corks.  Raucous noisemakers.  Confetti and balloon drop.)

 This is so exciting!  Are you excited?  I am so excited!

Oh wait.  What is Hurley House?  Great question.

To quote from my vision, “Hurley House is a purveyor of hospitality, currently specializing in baked goods, yet offering much more.”

What can Hurley House offer you?  Tons!

Cakes or cupcakes for a birthday party, pies or tarts for your next dinner party, corporate referral gifts, party favors, banners, decorations, teacher appreciation gifts, baby showers, wedding showers, graduation parties, holiday gifts, holiday meals, and on, and on, and on.  Granted, we do operate out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but some of our products can be shipped!  And, heck, if you want to hire Hurley House to travel and cater your party in Vail, we will gladly oblige!

Hurley House has been operating “unofficially” for about six weeks, baking up a storm and executing some really fun events.  And all sans social media.  But that all officially changes today!

Hurley House is on Facebook.

Hurley House is on Twitter (@thehurleyhouse).

Hurley House is on Instagram (@hurleyhouse).

Hurley House is on Pinterest.

The official website is www.hurley-house.com.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what spinning plates looks like!  Whew.

A few other things worth mentioning. (Actually, I have several hundred bits of information racing through my head that I really want to share with you, but I’m trying to casually mention only a couple.  Is it working?)

First, one of my favorite features of the Hurley House website is the Leftover Line.  It is exactly what it sounds like.  Sometimes we have leftover product from a job for one reason or another, and my family can only eat so many cupcakes.  Instead of throwing away perfectly good products, I would rather have the opportunity to pass it along to interested customers!  If you live in the Fort Worth area and would like to know when extras are available for purchase, sign up for the Leftover Line.  Isn’t that fun?

Second, not much is going to change here on the blog as a result of Hurley House.  I still plan to blog about the same things I always blog about:  Writing, Cooking, Singing, Living, and Family.  I will keep you updated from time to time on how things are going over at HH (that’s what her friends call her), and I will be sharing some DIY projects from different events, but for the most part everything here will stay the same.

Third, the Hurley House website isn’t a blog.  It’s a website, meant to inform and attract clients.  So don’t be disappointed when nothing much changes over there.  It’s a static sort of thing.  The one feature that will rotate will be the monthly Festive Favorites page.  Every month we highlight different products with a particular season or event in mind.  For example, May’s Festive Favorites are all about Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, and Graduation Events.  (Need our services for any of those big days?)

Lastly (I think), if you follow me on Instagram (@katherinesasser) all those photos of crumb cake and cupcakes are going to be posted from the Hurley House account from now on.  So go ahead and do yourself a favor and follow both accounts.  @katherinesasser to see photos of my cute kids.  @hurleyhouse to see photos of my cute cakes.  Same for Twitter.  @katherinesasser to hear Norah’s off-color comment of the day.  @thehurleyhouse to find out what’s cooking, good looking.

Look at me.  I’ve rambled on and on.  But there’s still so much to say!  I have an idea.  Today is all about the information.  How about tomorrow I share a little bit about my heart behind all of this?

Please please please let me know your thoughts about the new site, and feel free to pass all this news along to anyone who you think might be interested in quality handmade baked goods or especially special events.  And I am open and ready for business…so put me to work!

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7 Responses to Drum Roll Please

  1. Wendy says:

    Wow! What a great venture for you…a beautiful use of your gifts. ;-) . Congratulations!

  2. Jess says:

    You are perfect for this and this is perfect for you! SO excited!

  3. Victoria says:

    I will be a customer FOR SURE!!

  4. Sandra says:

    Pretty amazing! Blessings!

  5. Sarah Wolfe says:

    Love this. So up your alley, and as I told you earlier, a fun thing for your girls to do with you as they grow up…

  6. Melissa Schroeder says:

    Just in TIME! I need six teacher appreciation gifts for the kiddos BSF leaders. They are amazing ladies of diverse backgrounds but a common heart of sharing Jesus with preschoolers. BLESS. THEIR. HEARTS! I am convinced that S and M are truly believers today because of these teachers’ long obedience in the same direction.

    Willling to step it up a little because this is our LAST year with them. Ideas? Total budget not to exceed $100.


  7. Kara Simonson says:

    I’m amazed! Such beauty and goodness! Beautiful work!

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