I’ve been busy!

Hello!  I’ve been busy!  Summer was full of all sorts of fun Hurley House events – weddings, parties, and birthdays galore! Want to see some snippets of where I’ve been?

Throwing an intimate backyard garden dinner party…



Celebrating at a fabulous 60th birthday party complete with ombre layer cake…



Creating an appetizer spread for a beautiful ranch wedding…



Engineering a cupcake train for our favorite two year old’s train party…



Shipping out packages with the best surprise of all – it’s a boy!



Hurley House has been busier that I ever could have imagined, and I have loved every moment. It is fun to take a moment to look back at all I’ve gotten to do, see, and make. Now, it is time to switch gears for Fall, and I am looking forward to another full season!  Did you know that Hurley House now offers prepared foods during the week?

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One Response to I’ve been busy!

  1. Sandra says:

    Yes you have been busy….pretty amazing!

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