The Official Hurley House Apron

There are a lot of little things I love about my job.  One of my recent favorite delights is how aprons are a mandatory part of my daily wardrobe.  I need to wear them to protect my clothes, but I also love having a reason to don one every morning.

I have several aprons in my collection, and they fall into two categories.  There are what I call “Work Aprons” and then there are “Party Aprons.”

Work Aprons are what I wear everyday, and regardless of how cute they are, their main function is to get dirty so that my clothes aren’t covered in chocolate or blackberry juice or bacon grease.

Party Aprons, on the other hand, are a completely different article of clothing.  They are a part of my professional attire when I am in a client’s home.  They are starched, clean, and coordinate with what I am wearing.

My favorite Party Apron is this one.



It’s called the Julep Petal Pocket Apron from Anthropologie (currently on sale and available only in stores).

HurleyHouse (143 of 424)

photo by Lion Heart Image

This is the apron that Rachel and I lovingly refer to as the “official” Hurley House apron.  Partly because it’s two lovely shades of green (the Hurley House signature color), and partly because it’s a perfect blend of fun and whimsy without being cliche or garish.  But mostly, I just love it.  It’s practically elegant.

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 9.25.26 AM

This apron always looks pretty in photos, especially as a backdrop for a Sparkle Sandwich Cookie!

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  1. Sarah Wolfe says:

    You girls are so darn cute!

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