All this month at Hurley House, the featured favorite is our Granola.

A common theme with this granola seems to be its addictive qualities.  Personally, I can attest that there is some sort of magic in this granola.  One bite turns into twenty, and then before you know it, the bag is empty.  I have received feedback from buyers who tell me they can’t stop eating it.  One friend told me she ate it for breakfast and lunch.  We ship our granola to clients all over Texas, and I think it’s kind of becoming a point of connection for some people.

IMG_1381Today I want to share the recipe for Hurley House granola because I am all about enabling addictions.

Just kidding.

I want you to have this recipe because it is delicious, and granola makes a great gift.

A few helpful hints you should know.  You are going to make a mess when you make this.  Granola bits will get on your floor, so just make friends with that fact on the front end.  Also, there is a very very fine line between granola that is underdone (soggy, too chewy), perfectly done (crisp, toasty, yet still a tiny bit chewy), and over done (burnt, too crisp).  The only way to get it right is to watch it very closely at the end and perhaps even get it wrong a few times.  Once you know what perfect granola looks like, you’ll get it right forever.


If you happen to love granola, but aren’t in the mood to make your own, Hurley House would love to supply you with bags and bags of golden crunchy granola.  Just let us know!

Click below for a printable copy!

Hurley House Granola


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  2. Heather says:

    Thanks for this amazing recipe!! Can’t wait to make Hurley House granola:)

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